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Affectionate classicism Sculptor—–John Flaxman

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Affectionate classicism Sculptor—–John Flaxman


John Flaxman RA was a British sculptor and draughtsman, and a leading figure in British and European Neoclassicism. His father was a mold maker who cast gypsum flowers for buildings, and Ferrachman taught himself how to make molds and paint, filling his knowledge with many classics. In the course of his life, he had won MEDALS, he had failed, he had made waxworks, portraits, figurines, Roman reliefs. Also, undertake the marble carving project. Not only his sculptures but also his relief works, which are very comely, are a good expression of his talent. His illustrations of ancient epics fully show his understanding of ancient style. His sculpture works are clearly in line and the proportion of the figures is completely in line with the modeling of ancient Greece and Rome. His sculpture of the figure works combined with the characteristics of Greece to show their inner feeling, sadness, and innocence. It can be said that he is a neoclassical sculptor full of deep feelings. Each of his sculptures shows a unique beauty and tells a soulful story…

Cephalus And Aurora Marble Sculpture

This sculpture based on Ovid’s metamorphoses was the son of Hermes cephalus, married to a Greek princess Procris, handsome, by the dawn goddess aurora sporty, love every time, after hijacked but cephalus love wife, aurora but let him go back, after a grudge ShiFaLing its hunting wrong hand to kill his wife. The sculpture shows the scene of Aurora expressing her love for Cephalus and insisting on retaining her. Aurora put her hand around his wrist and looked at him affectionately. They looked at each other. The beauty of the sculptures lies not only in the elegance and refinement of their shapes but also in the vivid depiction of their movements and eyes.

Cephalus and Aurora
The Fury of Athamas

The Fury Of Athamas Marble Sculpture

Eno was the second wife of Athamas, King of Thebes. She was revenge by the queen Hera for raising sister Semen and Zeus’s posthumous son Dionysus (Bacchus). Athamas went mad and regarded his wife and son as ferocious lionesses and cubs, so he grabbed his son and threw his son to the rock to his death. The wife and youngest son ran away hurriedly and jumped into the sea to die. The mother and son were later taken by people who went to sea. Poseidon enshrined. In the sculpture, the youngest son hugged the mother who was trying to rescue the elder son in fear, while the irrational Athamas struggled to pull his son’s leg to throw it away.

Saint Michael Overcoming Satan Marble Statue

According to the Bible Revelation, Satan was originally named Lucifer, who was originally the light bearer, the morning star, and the head of the angels. He led one-third of the angels to rebel; the angel Michael loyally supported God, led the rest to suppress, and became an angel after victory The new leader was regarded as a saint by the Catholic Church; the defeated army was thrown into hell, and Lucifer became the ruler of Satan, lurking waiting for the final battle with God.
In this sculpture, the angel Michael exhausted his whole body strength, his wrists were violent, and he took a long sword and stabbed it. The spear’s head was sharp and sharp, just like the eyes of the angel Michael. The face of Satan at his feet was full of fear. All the details of this sculpture show the characteristics and personality of the characters. It also shows the story of the sculpture.

Saint Michael overcoming Satan

In addition, he has many classic and vivid sculptures. Such as Hercules and Lichas marble statue, Pastoral Apollo marble sculpture, apollo and Marissa relief. . . .
Each of his classic characters is portrayed, and each relief is meticulously carved. They all perform ancient and vivid stories. So many classic mythological characters, so many sad or affectionate stories, are displayed in front of us in the beautiful form of sculpture. His works reflect the popular fashion of neoclassicism, and this affectionate classic wind blows into the hearts of each of us. . . .

Hercules and Lichas
Pastoral Apollo
Royal Academy of Arts,apollo and marpessa

Our company’s sculpture works cover many aspects. We have many understandings of famous or niche art sculptors. We have a full grasp of the sculptures of characters’ movements and personality characteristics. We are doing our best to restore each story so that each sculpture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If you like John Flaxman sculptures, you might as well ask us to customize them. We want to make you feel the deep love of this artist’s classicism. . . . .

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