Advanced Beauty–Marble Block For Sculpting

Contemporary sculptors are still inseparable from the creation of marble. They dedicate this material to their heart’s content. Marble is like a noble and difficult companion. But Marble has always brought surprises and joy to people for many years. People sing about the tenacity, exquisiteness, practicality, and rich color of marble. The beauty of marble blocks for sculpting itself is much more advanced than the elaborate decoration.

When we make sculptures, why choose marble block for sculpting?

Speaking of famous Western sculptures. The first thing that comes to mind is those beautiful marble sculptures. Whether it is a large number of sculptures from the ancient Greek period or the Renaissance period, many of them are made of marble blocks for sculpting. There are thousands of stone materials in the world, and there are many that can be used for carving. Why do sculptors prefer marble blocks for sculpting?

In terms of texture, granite, limestone, diorite, bronze, ivory, wood, and clay can all be used for carving. Some of them are too hard for modeling, and some are too fragile and difficult to preserve. As a metamorphic rock, the marble block for sculpting is soft and easy to sculpt. Marble is very suitable for sculpting flexible and complex human bodies and animals.

The soft texture of marble is used to sculpt intricate details, especially to reflect the fine anatomical structure and flowing folds of the human body. Therefore, marble block for sculpting has become a way for artists to show their talents and dazzling skills, such as curtains, veils, intricate fishing nets, and hanging fabrics, which are common elements of marble sculptures.

Total process of marble sculpture

What are the quality requirements of marble block for sculpting?

1. The properties of the marble block itself.
(1). Rock, marble block for sculpting belongs to the category of rock, and it can be carved only if it has the characteristics of the rock. For example, there are natural stone threads, natural colors, fine stone quality, warm and moist, not hard or dry, and so on.
(2). Toughness, the hardness should be below 3 degrees, only carvable pieces;
(3). The stone property can reach the size and volume required for carving;
(4). Artistic quality, with the color, luster, and corresponding texture required for artistic creation.

2. Use marble blocks flexibly according to local conditions.
Marble carving is a very old art form that can be traced back to prehistoric times. One of the most famous sculptures in the world Michelangelo’s “David“, was completed in 1504 and used marble. In addition to marble, common types of marble blocks for sculpting include granite, limestone, sandstone, talc, and so on. The choice of marble block for sculpting depends on the engraving experience of the engraver and the scale of the project.

(1). You need to know clearly different rock types, including sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and volcanic rocks. All the marble blocks for sculpting belong to one of these categories. Professional stone manufacturers need to know the characteristics and hardness, luster, and durability of each stone, which is helpful to help choosing which kind of marble block for sculpting.
(2). The choice of stone for professional engraving manufacturers depends on the engraved artwork itself. Moderately soft rock is easier to express the charm of the artwork itself than hard rock. Varieties of soft rock include talc and striped marble.
(3). Visit the local sculptors to find out if you can find a more suitable stone. Experienced carving seniors can recommend materials suitable for the project and where to buy marble blocks for sculpting. If the stones are to be shipped from other places, the cost may be higher.
(4). Make a good budget for the stone. Aongking Marble Sculpture ⇐ provides sculpture products at a lower price than the market. It is because some high-quality stones need to find good suppliers before they can be obtained. Because we have high-quality stone suppliers. Therefore, the cost of stone sculpture is lower. Commonly used marble blocks for sculpting are MS marble, Hunan marble, and Sichuan marble…
(5). The choice of color and the choice of ideal natural stone thread. For example, you want the final gloss and color of the product to match the artwork itself. The texture and color of each marble block for sculpting need to be strictly screened.
(6). According to the place where the artwork is placed. Choose materials for indoor or outdoor display. Some types of stones can withstand strong weather damage. For example, granite is suitable for long-term outdoor placement due to the hardness of its composition. Striped marble, sandstone, and talc cannot be placed outdoors.
(7). For the texture selection of stone sculptures. Limestone, as one of the soft sedimentary rocks, has little texture. Suitable for very delicate carvings. For example, the face of a character, etc. Granite is too hard to make delicate carvings. Suitable for carving flower pots, marble pillars, etc.

nature marble sculpture color
Natural Marble

3. Stone not suitable for carving

The more porous the stone, the less able to cope with wet weather. When rainwater falls on a porous sculpture, the rainwater will gradually seep into the stone. This can cause it to break, especially when the water freezes.

4. Carving finished marble sculptures

Western popular marble lion and Italian woman pool water fountain

Western popular marble lion and Italian woman pool water fountain

Door lining marble sculpture

Western popular door lining marble sculpture

marble michelangelo the pieta

Marble Michelangelo the pieta