Pet memorial

The time is short and the company is long. I have seen many movies about pets, such as “The Mission of a Dog” and “Hachiko”. Those dogs have spent their entire lives protecting and accompanying their owners. People with pets can appreciate this touching love. If there is a way to continue this kind of company, Pet memorial statue is the most three-dimensional memorial way. The artist Aongking deeply understands this emotion, and with his magical hands, he sculpts that beautiful pet’s appearance before his death. Dog angel sculptures, cat angel statues and so on, their demeanor is clever, Pet memorial statue eyes are still full of love for the owner. Every inch of skin is carved into the nostalgia of the owner. The small wings behind the Pet memorial statue will make the owner more at ease, because he is already in that beautiful paradise. Our Pet memorial statue can be customized in a private garden. The time before death is very short, but after death, it will accompany forever in the form of sculpture. Aongking can also customize pet tombstone sculptures. It is used as a memorial to pets.

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dog angel statue
Dog angel statue
Cat angel statue
Cat angel statue

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