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Buddhism is one of the three major religions in the modern world. Buddhist culture has far-reaching influence all over the world. Stone buddha statue is an indispensable subject in the sculpture world. Various types of Marble stone buddha statues occupy half of the religious sculpture world.

In Aongking, you can find the stone buddha statue of the style you want. If you like a solemn and formal meditation atmosphere, you can choose a Buddha statue that sits cross-legged, a Buddha statue that meditates with closed eyes, or a stone buddha statue with your hands folded and praying. . . If you want a more witty atmosphere. A sleeping marble Buddha statue is just right for you, with the pure whiteness of the marble, placed on the lawn in the garden, it just sets off the atmosphere. There is also the laughing buddha, Guanyin, we have all carved exquisitely, to provide you with meditation and indifferent state of mind

The color also determines the texture and style of the stone buddha statue. Pure white marble is of course the best choice for holiness. But Buddha statues carved out of the color of the stone itself will have a more classical atmosphere. There are also brown and black marble Buddha statues, which many people like.

Facing the stone buddha statue, the believer can practice self-realization, relying on his own practice to gradually understand life and realize the nature of the Buddha. Everyone who believes in Buddhism should have a heart that is firm to the Buddha. With this premise, everyone can “know the mind and see the nature”, know oneself, know others, and know society.

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