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shiva statue

Introduction Of Shiva

Shiva is one of the most profound deities in Hinduism because each of his forms carries a powerful symbolic significance. Too many believers in India, he is the god of creation and destruction, representing the duality of life.

This is a marvelous piece of work by Lord Shiva, he is sitting and biggest, his hands on his lap, his arms are in a perfect O shape in the meditative handprint of meditation, and his handsome face looking inward in quiet contemplation in a meditative meditation, a meditating Shiva naturally has calmer energy. Nestled in his hair was the Ganga Goddess, peering at him with a smile on her face! Beside the Gangga is a crescent moon. He is wearing two pairs of big earrings, there were two necklaces, a brahman’s thread, and a cobra wrapped around Shiva’s neck.

lord shiva statue at rishikesh
marble shiva statue
shiva statue online

Effect Of This Sculpture

Shiva and his wife Parvati were noted for their ascetic nature. They often go into a meditative state for decades at a time. This pose captures shiva’s strong body in a state of absolute calm and is perfect for a meditation room or garden. And it is said that after visiting this sculpture, all your wishes will come true.

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 shiva statue in karnataka
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This white marble statue is perfect for indoors or outside in any weather. This religious sculpture of Shiva statue is all 100% hand-carved. It is a mascot that will bring you good luck. In Aongking, we have professional sculptors who have many years of working experience casting sculptures. Do you want to choose the best decorations? Aongking is the best choice for you. If you want any statue, please contact us for customization.

Stone statue of Shivas
Meditating Shiva Statue
Stone statue of shiva
Shiva statue stone
Life size shiva sculpture

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