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Stone Buddha Sculpture

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Are You Looking For Stone Buddha Statue?

Are you also a Buddhist and you are looking for a stone Buddha statue? You’ve come to the right place! We have many types of stone Buddha statues in Aongking. Whatever you want a large stone Buddha statue or a small stone Buddha, you can find one that satisfies you.

Through a lot of ancient books, we know that Buddha comes from India, According to Buddhist teachings, there have been other Buddhas in the past and there will be more in the future. The title of the Buddha, which literally means awakening, is given to one who discovers the path to Nirvana, stops the suffering, and spreads the discovery so that others may also attain Nirvana.

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Do You Know Buddha?

The Buddha meant Sakyamuni, it’s Buddhist called him. He is the founder of Buddhism, the Buddha taught people to help individuals achieve a good and happy life. He taught people to understand pain correctly and taught them to save themselves from it. But his analysis of the root causes of suffering mainly concerns human nature, and how do we acquire knowledge about the world and our place in it. These teachings form the basis of a philosophical tradition that develops and defends various complex theories in metaphysics and epistemology. So more and more people become Buddhists, in the process of learning Buddhism, they gained happiness.

In this picture, you can see a sitting Buddha, he is sitting in the padmasana which is the typical Buddha’s state of mind when he meditates calmly with his hands on his knees. Every time you see a sculpture like this, your heart will naturally calm down and you will feel relaxed. My mother is also a Buddhist, I have bought one for her, she likes it very much, she told me, every morning and evening she would recite sutras to the stone statue of the Buddha, it calmed her down a lot. If you have a Buddhist friend or relative, our stone Buddha statue is the best gift for her. Or if you are a Buddhist, you can also buy it for yourself, is perfect for indoors or outdoor garden. Our stone Buddha sculptures are 100% handmade, Welcome to contact us!

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Buddha stone statue
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