Caryatids Statues

The name of the goddess column is Caryatids Statues as a marble stone carving decoration. It originated from the Athens period in Greece. There were few buildings using Caryatids Statues in the Middle Ages. Caryatids Statues appeared again during the Renaissance. Man is the primate of all things, the extreme point of good fortune, and has a special charm. The combination of architecture and sculpture is the embodiment of Caryatids Statues. The sculptor’s thinking is active. The sculpture is an art, but it embodies the joint effect of movement, the human body, and architecture everywhere. Although the six female statues of Caryatids Statues all play a supporting role, the faces, postures, hairstyles, and clothing of each female statue are slightly different. The three on the left use the right leg to support the bending of the left leg, and the three on the right use the left leg to support the bending of the right leg, forming a symmetrical beauty. The neck of the human body is the thinnest part. In order to ensure the stability of the support without destroying the beauty of the body, the sculptor designed thick and long hair for the Caryatids Statues, which cleverly solved this problem. In the modern era, you can choose to customize Caryatids Statues as a unique decoration for gardens and yards at home, while maintaining a touch of retro characteristics of the temple.

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Caryatids Statues
Caryatids Statues
Carved Marble Caryatid Columns
Carved Marble Caryatid Columns
marble sculpture of Eight Caryatid Figures
Marble sculpture of Eight Caryatid Figures
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Caryatids Statues Column
marble caryatid
Marble caryatid
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