marble sculpture
Ancient rome marble statue greek figure
Ancient Greek Figure Marble Sculpture
Roman soldier marble sculpture
Roman Warrior Marble Statue
Classical david statue
Classical – David Statue
Roman figure marble bust
Marble Bust
Open arm jesus sculpture
Marble Jesus Sculpture
Saint antonio marble statue
Saint Antonio Statue
Marble statues of Pieta
Marble Pieta
Marble mary church statue
Mary Church Statue
Outdoor garden statue
Garden Empire Statue
Venus de milo
Modern art marble statue
Art Marble Boy
Buddha marble statue
Buddha Marble Statue
marble lions statue
marble lions statue
Stone elephant statues
Stone elephant statues
Stone fountain
Stone fountain
Stone art sculpture
Abstract sculpture
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor flowerpot sculpture
Women water fountain statues
Water fountain sculpture
The statue of the sphinx
Art marble sculpture
Modern home decor
Mantel sculpture

More Nature Marble Sculpture

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More Nature Marble Sculpture Describe

Marble is high quality nature stone carving material. There are a lot of works of art carved with marble. Such as, indoor mantel and outdoor abstract sculpture. Eastern and Western figures, animals, fountains, marble sculpture man… Marble sculpture can be seen in many places. Some of the reliefs on monuments are usually made of marble, and some of the large stone carvings in the squares are also made of marble. In the field of architecture, marble sculpture artists are mainly used for some decoration, such as marble railings.

But, in modern times, casting and polishing machines have emerged. The application of modern machines greatly shorten the production time of stone carving products. But, there is still a big difference between machine casting products and hand casting products, pure hand carving products or more delicate than machine carving products. All our nature marble sculptures are made by hand. If you need, we support mechanical engraving for you..

Are you looking for marble sculpture online? Aongking sculptures are 100% hand carving to provide you with a custom service, whatever you want nature white marble sculpture woman with veil or black marble scuplture, we will meet your needs. We will pay more attention to vivid details, carving high-quality face of people to you. Our sculptures are perfect for indoor and outdoor garden decorations.