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It is no exaggeration to say that a bust sculpture can change the style of a room. If the life of each bust is a drama, then as long as we add a little bit of whimsy to place these statues in the right position. They can almost make us feel the breath of life. If you want to choose a suitable bust sculpture for your home. Aongking sculpture will have a professional aesthetic and professional carving craftsmanship to tailor a bust sculpture with the most sentimentality for your home. There are many other forms of expression of the marble bust of the character. Such as the wall decoration of the marble bust. The fountain of the marble bust. The base of the marble bust of the coffee table, and so on… It is not just the making of an object. We will carve your emotions into this work of art with our understanding of this character. The marble bust not only represents an artistic aesthetic. It also endows humanity in a way that more abstract sculptures cannot give. The creation of each character is a touch.

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The concept of marble bust sculpture refers to the use of realistic sculpture in the form of the figure’s chest. It’s mainly to carve the upper body of the figure, mostly used for carving marble, or other materials. Generally, its are used to sculpt great man, celebrity statue, memorial portrait bust, and so on. Its are quite common in the former residence of the celebrity. Of course, there are a lot of other people who can make a Marble Bust Statue, such as the Greek Marble Statue and Roman Marble Statues

A marble bust statue is a sculpted representation of the upper part of the human body. Depicting a person’s head and neck, as well as various parts of the chest and shoulders. Aongking can custom-made busts depending on what you prefer. Size? Color? You can find more bronze busts from Aongking.

We create every art decor of marble bust statues usually a portrait used to record a person’s appearance. But, sometimes it represents a type of sculpture. Bust statues have been a popular style of life-size portrait sculpture since ancient times, as a form that depicts a person’s most distinctive features with less work, less expense, and less space. You’re Worth It for you and your love…

Aongking has a group of experienced high-quality senior art designers and artist engineers, mainly engaged in and good at using modern design concepts to interpret the ancient oriental culture, committed to the industrialization of Chinese culture and art. Try to contact us.