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A unique fountain will turn your outdoor living space into a relaxing oasis. If you prefer a natural atmosphere and happen to like Western art, a marble animal water fountain is a great choice for decorating.

Marble animal fountain common animals are horses, dragons, lions, dolphins, and so on. When choosing a marble fountain, consider the surroundings. The animal water fountain of many different animals also has different meanings. If you want to be in the very center of the villa, you can choose the imposing marble fountain of horses or the imposing fountain of lions. If you want to have a fountain to decorate your garden, choose some of your favorite animals, such as deer, dolphins, swans…

Aongking Sculpture has many years of experience in making Sculpture and Marble Sculpture. We have a deep research on the proportion of animal forms and fountains and the perfect combination between them. Aongking will combine your preferences. Your geographical location and choice of marble material. Create an animal water fountain of animals that adds beauty to your private environment. The imposing dragon fountain that can spit water, the gentle and clever fawn fountain, the horse fountain that symbolizes free and uninhibited running, as long as you like, you can find from our company.

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