Marble column

Carved Nature Marble / Granite Solid Column ( Architecture Marble Pillar ) has a different style and value for the Interior and Exterior (metropolitan museum, temple, private club door… ). The use of solid marble columns in home design is a fashionable trend, bringing the atmosphere you are looking for to any space. Custom-marble columns (pillars) also need to determine the placement area. Such as, placing two marble pillars on both sides of your entrance to create height and size for your space. Classic solid pillars to make them part of the wall. The patterned column will also create a dreamy European atmosphere for your home. In addition to, the simple style of marble columns, there is also this kind of three-dimensional marble columns that incorporate Western aesthetic art sculptures. This medium-sized marble column is suitable for decoration in small spaces. Customize a solid marble colonnade in the wardrobe, entrance, or spacious living room to fill this stylish space and create an elegant and beautiful atmosphere. Aongking Carving marble Decoration has superb and professional marble carving craftsmanship, providing more choices of different styles, and actuarial sizes, focusing on carving and creating unlimited possibilities for every empty space of yours. You can find solid marble columns with ancient greek figures – Artemis, Greece columns, French bossed columns, etc. Aongking bossed columns can be marble sculptures for decor.

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