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Guardian angel statue

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Marble Religious Statue

-Brave and great people are worthy of being commemorated and guarded. A real Guardian angel statue can protect the people of these heroes for us. I believe that there are heroic monuments standing in many cities in every country, and they are engraved on them. For his outstanding contributions to a peaceful life, Aongking believes that such sculptures as warrior angel statues are very meaningful.

-The Guardian angel statue is often designed with angels behind the soldiers, and those angels supporting the dying soldiers. When everyone is in a happy life after the war, the existence of the Guardian angel statue brings comfort to those victims. It is a continuation of belief. It is also our respect as a sculptor. Our artists, with the most respect, create the marble Guardian angel statue, just to protect the bravery. There is also a sleeping angel statue in charge of people’s sleep. Whenever someone falls asleep, she will put on dream clothes and enter the dreamland to bring people wonderful feelings and hope. The existence of these marble Guardian angel statues has too much meaning.

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