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white marble Guardian Angel

Custom made carving child and lady white marble Guardian Angel sculpture

White marble Guardian Angel has many different classifications in our impression, and such a guardian angel, you can choose the right type and put it in the right place. Our white marble Guardian Angel is specially designed for children, this design looks very warm, this is a beautiful woman on a rest assured marble, her long curly hair, behind her, long wings, her hands stretched into the sky, and In his left hand, he comforts a little girl. The little girl seems to trust him very much. They look at the sky together and accept the will of God. This white marble Guardian Angel can be placed in the courtyard to guard our family or Is a beautiful child. Of course, we still have many religious angels praying on their knees. For the angels in some cemeteries, every white marble Guardian Angel, we will custom-make carvings for you with the most pious heart.

NO.: AK-stone(CC879)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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In Christianity and theology, an angel may be the lowest of the nine classes in heaven and must answer to the archangel. The fallen angels are often thought of as demons, like Lucifer; And the white marble Guardian Angel is considered to be the guide and guardian of mankind. Angels are often described as having wings and a robe, or as wearing a halo (a halo of light cast over an angel’s head — a sign of divine wisdom). white marble Guardian angels do not die or grow old, they are immortal, created by God, and have existed since the creation of the century. Angels are often considered guides to the soul. Although angels are divine, they are often guilty of primitive errors, especially pride and conceit. Roughly speaking, the white marble Guardian Angel can be divided into three steps: clearing, fining, and polishing.

Carve guardian angel sculptures

Carve guardian angel sculptures

Children Guardian Angel

As a special child of God, the white marble Guardian Angel enjoys a close relationship with God, gazing, loving, and praising God in heaven. Some angels often bring God’s will to man from heaven. The number of angels is endless, they exist in every corner of the universe. Angels focus on serving the needs of all free-minded entities, so you can experience the undifferentiated love of angels. The white marble Guardian Angel carries out their assigned tasks without hesitation, offering love, wisdom, and guidance with great pleasure. Everyone is surrounded by angels all the time. Without exception, angels are eager to communicate with you. The white marble Guardian Angel was created for one purpose, to love and serve all people without distinction.

guardian angel statue

guardian angel statue

religous Guardian statue

religious Guardian statue

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