Stone/ granite / marble Gazebo

All had longings for palaces in western villa buildings. Aongking can customize all kinds types of solid columns to support marble Gazebos. The main 2 components:

  1. -1: The finished art marble gazebo can be a sculpture for decor. The simple garden Gazebo is supported by several straight pillars and uses the most natural stone. The yellow texture is warm and delicate. The white represents purity and romance… There is all kinds of style for Gazebo with sculptures. The pillars are sculptures of graceful women marble Gazebo. The look and dress of the sculptures of women are full of a court feel.
  2. -3:The most important part of the garden pavilion/gazebo is the iron top, which can be customized with a metal black birdcage metal hollow top. There is also a closed top. The brown is full of a retro feel, and a green novelty design…

Enjoying the beautiful scenery in Gazebo in summer, how comfortable it is to read a book and drink coffee. Aongking will recommend a suitable marble gazebo according to the style and different colors of your garden yard. In an artistic garden with flowers and trees, your private environment is like a palace for a custom-made marble gazebo. Depending on the color and style of your building decoration design. Aongking custom-made marble balustrades and gazebo pergolas can be made deliberately. You can find a marble gazebo professional installation guide.

Star Nature Stone & Marble Gazebo

Marble Gazebo Structure Components

Carved Decorative Elements

Marble Seating and Flooring

Architectural Metal Top Accessories Details

Marble base Carve Intricate lattice Circular seating Finial pillars top
Pillared archways Ornamental balustrade Curved bench Roof finial
Circular platform Decorative frieze Pedestal seating Elaborate tracery
Tiered roof Floral embellishments Mosaic flooring Corinthian Canopy
Circular seating Circular platform Pedestal seating Intricately designed dome
Curved bench Floral medallions Filigree patterns Decorative cornice
Sculpted statues Engraved motifs Finely crafted steps Scalloped edges
Arched entrances Sturdy Canopy

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