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large art sculptures

Vintage style woman statue pavilion large art sculptures

The appropriate villa style must be matched with large art sculptures of the appropriate style, and many women sculptures are added to the pavilion. Although this is a big project, the artwork after completion will definitely make your yard dazzling. Many women’s large art sculptures are on the top of the pavilion. In addition to a round marble frame on the top, there is also a brown vintage birdcage bronze top. The hollow design style has a retro feel. The sandstone design is very textured, which is more natural while being elegant.

NO.: AKM-( CC126)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The general architecture of large art sculptures:

Large art sculptures pavilion, one of the traditional wooden single buildings. A small pavilion built on the side of the road for pedestrians to rest. It is widely used in garden construction because of its light and handy shape, unrestricted material selection, and flexible layout. Large art sculptures are often built in open pavilions or Beiming pavilions in gardens or parks, and they are often built with pillars supporting the roof. It is quite common to build pavilions with stone in our country. The earliest pavilion in existence is the stone pavilion. Early large art sculptures mostly imitated the wooden structure of stone pavilions. Dou Gong, Yueliang, Ming, Queti, and angle beams were all carved from stone.

large art sculptures (2)

large art sculptures (2)

The architectural structure of large art sculptures:

Large art sculptures Architectural sculpture is a category of sculpture art, which refers to the general term for sculptures that are fixed to cooperate or decorate buildings, buildings, and architectural parts. Architectural sculpture is an integral part of a building and is also one of the contents of the architect’s overall design. These large art sculptures are found in the upper, middle, and lower parts of the building, and they are mostly placed on walls, lintels, walls, or bases; public spaces in large buildings often become places for these large art sculptures.

vintage villa pavilion (2)

vintage villa pavilion (2)

Common materials of large art sculptures:

The marble of large art sculptures originally refers to the white limestone with black patterns produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The section can form an ink landscape painting. In ancient times, marbles with shaped patterns were often used to make screens or mosaic paintings. Later, the name marble Gradually developed into the name of all kinds of colors and patterns, used to make large art sculptures of limestone. White marble is generally called white marble, but white marble that translates Western statues is also called marble.

vintage villa pavilion

vintage villa pavilion

nature stone decor

nature stone decor

The concept of natural stone indoor/outdoor decoration: For example (???)

There are many ways to add color to your garden or home. The most popular contemporary stone crafts are the natural ones. These pollution-free natural stone products. Not only come in all shapes and optional sizes. The meaning is also extraordinary. They can symbolize peace, Zen and equality, and so on. They are very attractive ones. And, simple adornment expression means. Define your garden or home space. It can even add points of interest to your living environment.

Attractive personalized appearance: For example (???)

Though, their colors are not that varied. But, very expressive natural color. A lot of expressions are enough to satisfy you. If you want a modern, stylish feel. So, choose white, or green with lines. The lines combine with the color of the stone. It’s a great modern and minimalist choice. If you want to express zen or a religious feeling. You can try light colors, white or gray. If you want to express the feeling of luxury. You can try dark or black stone. Natural collocation of course also can become other adornment indispensable fittings.

You can take advantage of the quality of the natural stone decoration. To enhance your ‘temperament’ in decorating the space and your taste for life. Love of nature. Natural stone products are installed in the unique space design. Get a smart feel for your decor. Natural stone crafts, you deserve it.

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