Greek marble statues

In the whole art tradition, ancient Greek Marble Statues (Hellenistic marble statues) occupy a very important position. Named “Hellenistic” too. Greek marble statue art is idealistic, and simple, emphasizes commonness, and elegance, and expresses inner strength with external forms…

Long myths and legends in the culture and art of ancient Greece are the sources of ancient Greek sculpture art marble. It is also the subject of ancient Greek marble statues. A beautiful Greek fantasy of nature and society showed Greek marble statues. In the ancient Greek art that we’ve done. God and people have the same form and character… Therefore, Ancient Greek Marble Statues modeled the image of god on the image of man and gave it a more ideal and perfect art form.

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How to distinguish ancient Greek sculpture? What are the characteristics of ancient Greek sculpture? How do you choose this good ancient Greek sculpture for your decoration? More inquiries are welcome…

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