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Outdoor Life Size Marble Greek Goddess Athena Ancient Marble

In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and the only one who wore armor to fight. The ancient statue of Athena represents wisdom, light and purity. She wore a helmet on her head, a Greek robe, and bare arms through which she could see her plump and strong body, her spear and shield. The entire figure of the ancient statue is feminine and full of energy. This marble ancient statue of Athena is perfect for decorating a garden. Also, we can customize other ancient Greek gods.

NO.: AKSY-(01)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Athena is a very classic existence in Greek mythology. Carved from marble, this Athena Minerva statue is suitable for some outdoor or outdoor corridors and halls, giving you a palatial ornate feel. This ancient statue of Athena is life-sized, wearing armor and a skirt. The ancient statue of Athena holds a shield in the left hand, and the armor on the chest is engraved with the pattern of the Medusa banshee, which is a very detailed feature. The ancient statue of Athena wears a helmet on her head and holds a long gun in her right hand. These are the most classic weapons and shapes of Athena. The marble beige texture of the statue of Athena Minerva is also characteristic.

Greek Mythology Gods Athena

Greek Mythology Gods Athena

“The ancient statue of Athena not only advocates realism, but also pays attention to comprehensiveness, pursues the beauty of classical ideals in style, and creates a series of images of Athena in a state of battle. He designed the Acropolis building and created a large number of carvings and decorative reliefs in the Acropolis, and his statue of Athena Minerva created an image of elegance and tranquility, reaching the ideal beauty of the classical ancient statue. The statue of Athena he created for the Parthenon was 12 meters high. The statue of Athena Minerva he sculpted on the reliefs on the east and west sides of the Parthenon is considered the most perfect example of classical carving. The ancient statue of Athena got its name from the primitive and simple carving art style of this period. The carvings of this period were influenced by Egyptian and West Asian art, showing some conceptual intent.

athena statue description (2)

Athena statue description (2)

athena statue description (1)

Athena statue description (1)

ancient Marble statue of Athena Minerva wisdom goddess

Ancient Marble statue of Athena Minerva wisdom goddess

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