In the sculpture world, bronze sculpture occupies an important position. Aongking can see that many outdoor sculptures are made of copper. It goes without saying that bronze sculpture is synonymous with classics. Bronze sculptures are mainly divided into several categories: religious bronze sculptures, figure bronze sculptures, animal bronze sculptures, abstract bronze sculptures, and bronze fountains. . . The material of copper also determines the status of the bronze sculpture in the garden. The stability of the copper is good, and it will only produce a thin layer of copper rust in time when it is blown and rained. It not only protects the inside of the copper from corrosion but also makes the bronze sculpture more attractive.

Bronze sculpture has a unique historical temperament that other sculptures cannot replace. Many bronze sculptures are made of bronze, which reminds people of elegance, stability, and weight, especially those great figures, historical event memorial statues, etc., especially suitable for this color. Moreover, bronze sculpture is easy to match in various environments, which can enhance the overall temperament of the environment, low-key and reserved.

Aongking sculpture has many years of dedicated bronze sculpture artists. They have extensive knowledge and mature skills. Each of our bronze sculptures is made in strict accordance with the steps of Clay Mold, Lost Wax Process, Casting, Welding & Polishing, and Patina. The advantages of Sculpture are brought into full play. Although we produce more large-scale bronze sculptures, we can also complete small-scale bronze sculptures according to your needs. Our complex patterns and details can be completed as lifelike. Choosing Aongking custom full size or big size bronze sculpture will definitely make you feel the unique texture of bronze sculpture, enduring for a long time, and becoming more charming after years of washing. . .

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