The meaning of angel sculpture in the cemetery

Speaking of the cemetery, we feel terrible and gloomy. The weird and complicated decorations on the tombstone make the whole tombstone headstone near me even more creepy. The angel sculpture in the cemetery can comfort the living. The real death of a person is not to die, but to be forgotten. When we can no longer guard our loved ones, we need these Angel statues for graves to continue to guard us. These tombstones may have been baptized by nature and time, but we are willing to believe that the souls in the angel sculptures still perform their guardian duties.
In the Jewish Christian faith, the photograph in Angel statues for graves headstone near me depicts one of God’s most sacred creatures. Loyal to every culture around the world, faithful believers believe that God glorifies God by creating angels in the presence of humans. According to these beliefs, once this person is created, angels become intermediaries or messengers between man and God. When it comes to death and dying, angels are supposed to help lead those who died to heaven, so there are angels on or around the tombstone. Angel statues for graves are one of the most popular symbols headstone near me that have endured in funerary art.

What are the famous angel statues for graves?

1. Angel of Grief Headstone near me
“I miss you, I don’t know how long this feeling of grief will last.”
These weeping angel statues for graves headstone near me were created by William Wetmore Story to commemorate his wife. He was inspired by the children to create this tombstone. This tombstone angel sculpture is full of drama. The life-size winged figures show collapse, cry and hang on the tomb, and more express the pain of those abandoned. . Throw it on the funeral altar with its hanging wings and hidden faces. When looking at this sculpture headstone near me, we seem to feel endless grief under the invisible face.

2. The Haserot angel headstone near me
This Angel statue for graves is the famous Haserot Angel in the Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. This bronze angel of death is also known as the Haserot Angel. In 1923, Hermann Matzen was awarded the Haserot Family Cemetery. Build this angel statue for graves. Over time, nature has turned this bronze angel into a terrifying crying angel.
The life-size bronze statue headstone near me has an extinguished torch upside down, symbolizing life that has been extinguished. She spread her wings and looked straight ahead. However, the most striking feature of the statue is that the Guardian of Death appears to be weeping, with black tears gushing from her eyes and dripping down her neck. Although she is undeniably disturbing, she is also undeniably beautiful.

The Haserot angel

The Haserot Angel

3. The kiss of death headstone near me
This angel statues for graves marble statue headstone near me broke through the original winged angel form, but in the form of a winged bone to describe death, angels hands skeleton gripped handsome young man’s arm, and he planted a kiss on his forehead, and youth have knelt down with your eyes closed and his face is to enjoy or helpless? Is it the desire to kiss or the desire to run away? Different people have different interpretations of this sculpture.
The tomb underneath contains the inscription: “His young heart is thus extinguished. The blood in his veins grows cold. And all strength has gone. Faith has been extolled by his fall into the arms of death.”

4. Laeken Cemetery Brussels angel headstone near me
“Death is not a loss of life, but a time out of time.”
These stone angel statues for graves show the image of a beautiful goddess. Her curly hair is slightly draped behind her. With her head down, on her beautiful face, we can even feel the sadness under the corner of her eyes. She spread her big wings. Holding a flower ball in her hand, her skirt swaying gracefully in the wind, flowers and leaves also fall on her skirt corners, angels are always by the side of those who are sad, whispering, their loved ones will be safe in God’s hands. Sad angel with golden leaves. The tombstone of this stone sculpture gives people a sense of vicissitudes.

Laeken Cemetery Brussels angel

Laeken Cemetery Brussels Angel

Grieving Angel Headstone

Grieving Angel Headstone

5. Grieving Angel Headstone near me
“The wise are holding back, the fools take risks,” Pope Alexander.
This angel statue for graves is a marble angel lying on a large tombstone. Its huge wings fall on the tombstone headstone near me. The whole body is covered with a thin gauze. She has a faintly graceful figure. She is holding the tombstone in one hand and covering her face in the other. , Her grief can be felt by people without speaking. When someone goes to commemorate, a flower will be placed next to the graveyard angel statue, so the overall atmosphere is poignant, just like when people lose their loved ones, they feel sad and desolate after fear.

6. The Sleeping angel statues for graves
Death is like asleep forever. This is a peaceful graveyard angel statue headstone near me. It slept sideways, with its wings tucked behind it, and the surrounding leaves fell on it. I believe that in our sleep, we will see our dead relatives. , Tell them our thoughts. It is like a seed sown by a plant. It has completed its mission and turned into the soil to continue to guard. Maybe the ideology has changed, but it still exists. Just like a ring, there is no end and no beginning. Therefore, angel statues for graves headstone near me will pass on our thoughts on our behalf, admonish us to live wonderfully, wait until we return to see them. and tell them the wonderful stories that happened later.

The Sleeping angel statues for graves

The Sleeping Angel Statues For Graves

resting cemetery angel statue

Resting Cemetery Angel Statue

What are the meanings of the different poses of angel statues for graves?

When you see Angel Statues for Graves in the cemetery, you will find that the poses are varied.
Many of these gestures have specific meanings:
Weeping Angel: Also called the angel of sorrow, this pose shows the angel bending over a pillar weeping for the dead.
Angels dropping flowers: Angels dropping flowers or petals on the grave symbolizes the spread of blessings.
Winged Angel: This angel represents one of God’s messengers.
Angels with Raised Hands: An angel with one (or more) hands raised means that the angel points to heaven.
Flying Angel: This pose symbolizes resurrection or rebirth.
An angel carrying a person: represents an angel carrying a dead spirit to heaven;
Often used with children’s tombstones.
A group of angels on a cloud: this gesture symbolizes heaven.