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Shiva statue stone

Outdoor Shiva statue stone marble carving sculpture

Each Shiva statue stone embodies the faith in religion and the magic power of the gods. Shiva statue stone has a snake wrapped around its neck, and its head has the shape of a crescent. The third eye on his forehead can emit a sacred fire that destroys everything in the universe, and he wears a Hindu decorative necklace on his chest. He is muscular, the Shiva statue stone sits cross-legged, and every part of his body is carved according to the characteristics of the character.

NO.: AK-stone( dzh746)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The important position of the Shiva statue stone:

As the most powerful main god in Hinduism, the Shiva statue stone has an unparalleled noble status that surpasses Hinduism’s 333 million gods and overlooks all beings in the sky. The bizarre contradictory charm of the Shiva statue stone, the absence of evil, the deviant philosophy, the arrogant and lonely personality, and the madness of abandoning everything make him an important role in many literary works. He symbolizes the mysterious and violent power of nature, and his unfathomable personality at the same time innocent and capricious has fascinated countless believers. The followers of the Shiva statue stone sect of Hinduism regard him as the highest god in the universe, and he is the most widely worshipped god among the bottom people of India.

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Shiva statue stone Buddha

The image of the Shiva statue stone:

On the head of Shiva, a statue stone is a skull decorated with a crown and a crescent moon, which symbolizes Shiva’s appearance in the universe in stages, and is always there even when hidden. In his hair bun with the ashes of the dead, Shiva statue stone took over the Ganges that fell from the sky statue of the Ganges goddess stood in his right hair. She is a mixed mermaid, with a female upper body. This symbolism is endless. For Shiva believers, this Shiva statue stone illustrates the compassion and power of this dance to create and destroy the universe.

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Indian Shiva statue stone

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Religious Shiva statue stone

Shiva statue stone’s third eye:

The most powerful weapon of Shiva statue stone is the third eye on the forehead. This one eye can emit the sacred fire that destroys everything in the universe. It is recorded in the ancient Indian Sanskrit epic Mahabharata that Shiva once used the sacred fire emitted by the third eye to destroy three giant castles in space. . At the end of each cosmic period, Shiva will open his third eye, and all the gods humans, and animals in the universe will be destroyed by his sacred fire. In addition to the eyes that can emit sacred fire, the Shiva statue stone has other types of weapons, that is, a trident called “Bianka” and a bow called “Ajagava”. There are not many records about the latter two, usually only known that “Bianka” is a symbol of lightning, which means that Shiva statue stone is the god of the storm.

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