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resting buddha statue

White customized hot selling resting buddha statue

Buddhism is a very famous religion in the world. People believe that Buddha can bring good luck and felicity to their family and friends. Now we have this resting Buddha statue for you. As you can see this resting Buddha statue is true to life, it describes a Buddha having a rest here, which include Buddhism’s meaning of peace and quiet, it can also make appreciator feel peace in their heart. If you are interested in this resting Buddha statue, you can contact us at any time.

NO.: AKM-(C51)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The meaning of resting Buddha statue and other postures:

Why do some statues of Buddha have to sit? Some have to stand? Some are resting Buddha statues? It can be said that each style contains its profound meaning and symbolizes a spirit and a sage of the Buddha. Let’s talk about the icon of the Buddha sitting first: some of the seated statues are sitting in knots, as if they are meditation; some are with the left hand on the crossed leg, the right hand raised, palms outward, as if speaking. The former can be said to represent the Buddha’s consciousness, and the latter can be said to represent the Buddha’s enlightenment. Consciousness means that the Buddha became a Buddha. He must go through considerable practice, contemplation, and deep meditation before he can know himself; to think he means that the Buddha uses the body from the body, uses the truth to benefit all living beings, and uses the nectar water to purify the crowd. Let’s talk about the statues of the Buddha: some of the statues stand with their hands down, as if they are attracting sentient beings; some are walking on foot, as if they are busy with enlightenment. Standing with hands down, attracting sentient beings, and seeing the Buddha’s compassionate hand stretched out, how can people who wander in the sea of ​​bitterness not sincerely convert into the arms of the Buddha? Being busy with enlightenment, this shows that the Buddha was full of infinite enthusiasm for the truth of the universe and life that he had experienced. Although the resting Buddha statue is a Buddha with consummate deeds, he still needs to use the truth to serve all living beings without rest.

The resting Buddha statue is actually the image of the Buddha when he takes Nirvana. The four most important moments in the Buddha’s life-birth, renunciation, enlightenment, and Nirvana. The image of resting Buddha statue represents the last important moment of Buddha’s life-Nirvana. Nirvana symbolizes that the Buddha’s practice is complete, his retribution is exhausted, and he will enter the realm of no birth, no death, freedom and no hindrance. In the Han region, Nirvana is also called “Silence”, which means that the monks have completed their practice and lived in a state of unobstructed silence. Of course, the Nirvana of resting Buddha statue also means life and death in the eyes of mortals, and Chinese people are taboo to talk about death, so it is understandable that they are more cautious about worshiping the reclining Buddha.

marble buddha statue for sale

marble buddha statue for sale

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