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Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman

Figure Marble Cephalus and Aurora Sculpture By John Flaxman

The Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman shows Aurora expressing her love to Cephalus and insisting on keeping her. Arlo put her hand on his wrist and looked at him fondly. They looked at each other. Like this touching love scene, on an irregular marble platform, a woman in a dress stands on a stone, Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman, her eyes full of worry, a beautiful bun on her head, A young life-size Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman stands there. In the front, he held the robe in one hand and supported the woman in the other.

NO.: AK-stone(Y39)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The beauty of the Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman sculpture lies not only in the elegance and sophistication of its shape, but also in the vivid portrayal of its movements and eyes. The marble art of the life-size statue conveys emotion and beauty. The life-size statues looked at each other, eyes full of reluctance and love. I believe it was an emotional scene in the eyes of the audience. Life-size statues not only make the story three-dimensional but also very warm. There are many kinds of statues of Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman, which can be divided into ancient figure sculptures, modern figure sculptures and Western figure sculptures. Western figure sculpture pays attention to the shape, and this shape has been continued in ancient Greece. You must know that the golden ratio was used in sculpture at that time. Life-size statues of Western characters are even more lifelike. In some big or small cities, we have seen life-size stone statues of Western figures, usually with half-naked or completely naked bodies and half-naked clothes, which not only show the beauty of the body, but also cover and restrain the body. The life-size Western figures Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman focus on the body, emphasizing a straight, fresh, unrestrained image. They put more emphasis on the beauty of the personal display, giving people a strong visual impact. Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman This cultural expression in art life-sized statues will particularly accentuate the personal temperament and unrestrained aesthetics.

Stone sculptures Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman statues are the figure sculptures we usually see. Stone sculpture refers to the use of various plastic materials or hard materials that can be carved and engraved to create visual and tactile artistic figures within a certain space. Character stone carvings can best reflect the social and cultural atmosphere of public art. Because the Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman statues of domestic characters are very decorative and practical; they pay attention to the portrayal of the faces of the characters, add color to the statues, combine the sculptures and paintings, and complement each other, so that the works have the same beauty and appreciation value as paintings, and are also popular Stone carving factory favors. Generally speaking, famous male statues have a very rich variety of carved images, and the number is relatively large. There are images of various social statuses such as samurai, servants, musical instruments, dancers, etc ., which is a step forward in reflecting social life. The Cephalus and Aurora By John Flaxman statues technique Gradually get rid of stylization, the image is realistic and vivid.

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