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Chase And Desire— Bernini Sculptures

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Chase And Desire— Bernini Sculptures

People have seven emotions and six desires. When the inspiration in the brain bursts, when the emotions in the heart are surging, we will choose to express it, some are telling, it is chanting, but in the artist, they show it through paintings, poems, sculptures, and other forms. This time we will talk about marble sculpture. What is the meaning of its existence? It is to express stories and emotions and to commemorate important people and things. Custom marble sculptures, some people are to add decoration to their living space, more beautiful. Some people just want to feel the artist’s feelings. . . When I recently deeply felt an emotion—desire, I had to mention a great Baroque artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italy’s most famous Baroque artist. Most of his works are related to chasing and desire.

1. Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Marble Sculpture

This is the most secular and sacred sculpture. People who see it for the first time will inevitably be shy and fascinated, but what can’t stop it is the shock. You can’t see her body, but you seem to hear her moan.
We can see the sky next to Saint Teresa lifting up her robe with one hand, revealing her crisp chest. Saint Teresa was immersed in inexplicable ecstasy, half-closed eyes, slightly opened lips, and messy clothes. She lifted her head back, her lips opened slightly, her eyes blurred between opening and closing. A look of torture and enjoyment-without a trace of indecency.
The angel knows Saint Teresa’s thoughts too well: she longs for her soul to achieve perfect integration with God. So, he pierced the arrow in God’s hand to Saint Teresa’s lower body. We can even feel Teresa’s soft body slowly rising into the air, a feeble foot hanging down, and the world underneath has experienced the shaking of the earth and the mountains, and even the spirit of hell has escaped.

ecstasy of saint teresa sculpture
Apollp and Daphne marble
Apollp and Daphne marble (4)

2. Apollo and Daphne marble sculpture

Daphne, who wished to keep her virginity forever, was madly courted and chased by the sun god Apollo. Seeing that it was about to be pursued, the gods answered Daphne’s request. When Apollo embraced her, Daphne turned into a laurel tree.
The sculpture shows the moment when Apollo’s hand reaches Fanny’s body, both of them are running in the wind, their bodies light and graceful. Daphne’s toned legs gradually turned into tree trunks, planted in the earth, and leaves grew on her fluttering hair and slender fingers. Even the softest breasts on her body are covered with a thin layer of bark. Apollo watched Daphne turn into a laurel tree, his expression turned from surprise to sadness, but he couldn’t help it. Daphne’s hair fluttering in the wind when she ran, Apollo’s posture when she was chasing, Daphne’s panicked expression, had begun to take root in her feet and her hands that gave birth to bay leaves. Bernini perfectly interpreted the dynamic scene with static sculptures.

3. The Rape of Proserpina marble sculpture

“The Rape of Proserpina” is based on ancient Roman myths: the god Pluto took a fancy to the daughter of the grain goddess Sirius, hijacked her to the underworld, and changed her name Proserpina. This sculpture vividly depicts the moment when the fairy Proserpina tried to break free from the strong arm of Pluto, the hard marble carved out the soft and smooth skin of the fairy Proserpina but also portrayed it at the same time. The muscles of Pluto are strong and rough, the blood vessels protruding when the palms are exerted, and the palms that tightly grasp Proserpina’s thighs. Chisel the skin under Pluto’s fingers an inch deep to make the hard marble elastic.
In Bernini’s hands, all the cold marble seemed to have alive. He seems to be sculpting the story of God, but he is actually summoning people’s desires. He knows what is uncontrollable, whether it is a mortal or a bishop.

The Rape of Proserpina sculpture detail
The Rape of Proserpina sculpture

Desire has its power and can be sublimated, but it is easier to sink. Only when the desire is first given to a larger and broader will, can it go beyond the desire itself and merge with love and dedication.
These sculptures were extremely famous at the time, and at first glance, they looked gorgeous and grand. While savoring every detail, there are many stories and emotions implied, and even the artist has carved out his own love story. The form of group sculpture of marble figures focuses on the relationship between the characters. Whether it is the action or eye contact, the connection between the two can show the story. Everyone has a different understanding of these sculptures. You can come to us for customization with the emotion you want to feel. We will complete each sculpture with the most professional carving technology and the most empathetic ability.

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