Art comes from life, but it is higher than life. When we see a well-carved sculpture, some people see traces of history from it, and trace the glorious era with it; some people feel romance and remembrance from the story-like figure sculpture; Some people regard this three-dimensional artistic sculpture as the core and strength of a region, and keep it in people’s hearts. Every sculptor at Aongking Sculpture Factory knows what a sculpture means. Our sculptors want each sculpture to be as immortal as marble, with heart and emotion. There is a great soul hidden in every piece of marble. We must liberate this soul from the stone with ingenious conception and perseverance. “Apollo and Daphne” showing great love, “Victory of Samothrace” commemorating the victory of the war, or an abstract campus custom sculpture. . . What does a sculpture symbolize? When you read each of our works, you will feel its meaning from the bottom of your heart.

A sculpture Symbolizes every glorious artistic era.

There are several most glorious peaks in the history of Western sculpture. Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures are in the same line, and portrait sculpture is the most representative. The brilliant reign of Caesar and Octavian is the sublimation of the sculpture style of this period. The Italian Renaissance restored the forms of classical art and humanistic culture, emphasizing objective things, the liberation of individuality, and secular culture, which are the characteristics of this glorious era. Michelangelo’s marble sculpture “Moses” is brilliant artwork. They sculpt life, heroes, gods, people who pursue perfection and directly express the truth, goodness, and beauty of the universe on people, especially the eulogy of the beauty of the human body, which has become the eternal theme of art. Then to the later modern art movement, Auguste Rodin’s “The Kiss” is also a classic of this glorious era. With the passage of time, each classic sculpture still symbolizes that glorious artistic era and the endless great artists.

A sculpture Symbolizes various emotions in the world.

Sculpture can be seen as a microcosm of various things in the world, and it also records various forms of things or things. Behind each sculpture is not only the rational thinking and emotional enthusiasm injected by the artist into it but also the story behind the sculpture. emotion. Those who really understand sculpture will understand that this is not just a cold marble, but a warm one. Marble sculpture of the famous Pieta. The Virgin Mary quietly held the body of Jesus in her arms. The beauty of the sculpture is intuitive, while the sorrow is deep. This is the highest ideal of maternal love and the human pursuit of beauty. Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne” sculpture shows that when Apollo pursued Daphne, Apollo watched Daphne turn into a laurel tree, his expression changed from surprise to sadness, but he couldn’t save it. This sculpture of sad and romantic love is amazing. Each sculpture is not only decoration but also expects us to feel stories and move emotions from them. This is the symbol of art.

A sculpture Symbolizes the spirit and beautification of the city.

We all know what an ornament means to a city. A sculpture can make the city have natural landscape art and make people feel comfortable and happy in urban life. The general urban landscape is placed in open spaces, including celebrity stone statues and various animal sculptures. The elephant itself is a symbol of good luck. People endow the stone with life and meaning and combine the elephant sculpture with the stone sculpture art to become a lively and beautiful landscape on the Fengshui treasure land in every city. There are also monuments to those who have contributed to social civilization or art. The existence of these sculptures reflects the spiritual outlook of the city and the cultural construction of the city. No matter what sculpture you customize to decorate your garden or city, it implies a pursuit of a better life and a rich spiritual world.

If you take a closer look, can you feel the symbolism of each exquisite sculpture? Sculptures from different periods reveal human’s outlook on life, values, and world at that time, and contain the great enthusiasm of human beings for life. The sculptor’s ax chiseled out the essence of life. The symbolism that everyone pursues is different. In this era of open-minded and colorful sculpture, Aongking has researched and dabbled in sculptures of different trends and genres, whether it is a simple design model or a wonderful famous sculptor. sculpture. We all pursue the meaning that the essence of art brings to people. We have mature carving craftsmanship, not only are these warm sculptures carved out of warm marble, but every bronze sculpture we cast also has a strong expressive force. Animal or figure sculpture has its value of existence, perhaps Your custom sculpture has a price, but when you understand what a sculpture symbolizes, you will understand that art is priceless. If you are interested in our sculptures, you can view and browse each of our product categories. I believe we will have an emotional resonance with sculpture.