Many people seek good fortune and peace for their families and smooth life. We will put this goodwill into one thing, which is called feng shui. Marble animal sculptures are a better choice for feng shui. The most common marble animal sculptures are lions, elephants, dogs, unicorns, etc. In many Asian cultures, elephants are regarded as sacred animals and are revered symbols. They are the largest land mammals. In other countries, it is regarded as the most amazing creature of all time and is greatly admired. According to Buddhist belief, the elephant is a heavenly animal and one of the Buddha’s sacred treasures. In modern times, Marble Elephant statues have become extremely popular.

white marble indian elephant

What does the marble elephant statues symbolize?

In ancient times, elephants were trained to deal with war from a very young age, so now we can regard them as a symbol of protection. All elephant statues are symbols of protection, good luck, and wisdom, but the white elephant is particularly auspicious. The Buddha’s mother is said to have dreamed of a white elephant before giving birth to him. A stone elephant is a group of animals, the group structure is mainly composed of a mother elephant and a young elephant. It represents the unity, harmony, and harmony of the family, unit, group, party, and society. So. There are two feng shui meanings of the elephant: first, the elephant can protect good luck, good luck, and peace; Second, because elephants are good at absorbing water with their trunks, and there is a saying in feng shui that water is the main source of wealth, so elephants are endowed with the implication of attracting wealth and attracting wealth.

white marble baby elephant (1)
white marble baby elephant (2)
white marble baby elephant (3)
white marble baby elephant (4)

Where should the marble elephant statues be placed?

Marble Elephant statues in the right place can not only bring good luck but can also bring money. The gate, which serves as the main entrance of a building, is the door face, and a pair of elephant statues can be placed near the entrance of a home, similar to the Fu Dog, to provide protection. These two large and strong elephants can fiercely defend the home, and can instantly enhance the ornamental effect of gate decoration. The second is the small stone elephants placed on the fence posts. The implication of this stone elephant is usually to exorcise evil spirits, with its head and face outwards. The workmanship is also relatively fine. Finally, the kind of landscape stone elephant placed on the park square is used to express the project construction side’s wish for people’s lives. Many feng shui masters prefer an elephant with its trunk upturned as a symbol of good luck.

red marble elephant sculpture with base (2)
red marble elephant sculpture with base (3)

Different designs of marble elephant statues

carved marble elephant head

The marble elephant statues, in different periods and regions different modeling, there is an elephant trunk god, Indian elephants, Chinese Feng Shui elephants, there are ancient warrior elephants riding; Marble also has many different material classifications, so there are white elephants, orange pattern elephants, and red elephants, or black marble elephants, some of their surfaces are smooth, some mottled retro; Marble elephants can also have many forms of display, can be the door decoration with a base, can be the garden animal decoration, can also be an elephant fountain, or indoor wall elephant head… You can choose an elephant stone sculpture for you according to the meaning you want and the position you want to put it in.

Each sculptor of Aongking Sculpture has many years of carving experience. In their hands, a natural square marble stone gradually has the shape of an animal. They focus on the carving of every part of the elephant, even the wrinkles of the elephant’s nose and heel, all following the original appearance of the natural elephant. They infused each elephant with a spirit, and a family of elephant sculptures made it look as if the baby elephant actually walked behind its mother. Each one is so lifelike that each elephant sculpture we finish is shipped to its “home”, and its owner is very pleased with our work. Do you have a crush on this lucky elephant?