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Greek Goddess Athena Sculptures

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Greek Goddess Athena Sculptures

Ancient Greece is one of the sources of Western civilization. There was a literary civilization in that era, but the myths and characters of that era were also prosperous and were seen and heard by people. Speaking of the gods in mythology, Athena is the goddess that people always remember immediately. Athena, also known as Pallas Athena, is the goddess of wisdom and war in ancient Greek mythology, and one of the twelve gods of Olympus. According to ancient Greek literature, Athena is dignified and beautiful, bright and moving, and is a young and powerful goddess. She is also the goddess of art and the protector of handicrafts. She teaches human textiles, gardening, pottery, and other arts; painting, music, poetry, and other arts. Tantra prayer songs call her “the founding art”. At the same time, she is also the goddess of military strategy; the protector of navigation, agriculture, and medical care; the goddess of court and order. She founded the first court in Greece. Regarding the sculpture of Athena, it is also very popular. In museums in various countries, the sculpture of the goddess Athena is indispensable. Each country has different styles. People imagined all kinds of beautiful and heroic Athena based on the goddess in mythology. Great artists fixed the image of Athena into sculptures, and each sculpture has its unique characteristics.

first athena statue

1. Large Size Marble Statue of Athena

The statue of Athena is an incense wood sculpture of the Greek sculptor Phidias in 438 BC. The figure is plump and strong, with the right leg upright and the left lower leg slightly bent from the outside. The robes and long skirts on the body are deep-carved. The patterns are not only heavy and powerful but also natural and dynamic, reflecting the spirit of the prosperous era of Athens. The idol has a delicate face, god-like eyes, a well-proportioned body, a plump and strong body, with the kindness and harmony of a female on earth, wearing a battle helmet, painted with a sphinx and two griffon beasts named Griffin. Wearing a robe and hanging a long skirt, holding the statue of Victory in his right hand, and holding a shield in his left hand. On the outside of the shield, there are reliefs from the battle between the Greeks and Amazon. Engraved on the inside are scenes of gods and giants fighting.

Large Size Marble Statue of Athena
Greek Marble Athena sculpture
aongking factory bronze athena statue

2. Greek Marble Athena sculpture

Today, Athens has become a symbol of Greek civilization and the goddess of wisdom and beauty. It was she who protected the art craftsmen and workers. She wears a tortoiseshell on her head and an ancient Greek dress. On her shoulders is a Zeus protective belt given by her father Zeus. The protective belt is decorated with the head of a Gorgon. Through the sparse and dense skirt folds, you can see the fit and plump figure. She has a serene expression, full of femininity. In our imagination, the God of War should be a masculine male: mighty and brave. The ancient Greeks used such a feminine goddess as the goddess of war and the protector of Athens. Maybe her wisdom protected Athens, won the war, and became the goddess of wisdom in the hearts of the Greeks. The dense and dense skirt pleats, the soft curve texture, so fine, so soft, so textured, like draped and elegant silk, it is hard to imagine that this is carved from hard marble.

3. Street Large Size Athena Bronze Statue

On the Centennial Square on Barrack St, there is a large bronze sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena. Athena stood in a solemn and graceful posture, with her right hand stretched out and her palms open. She wore a loose and flowing gown, covering her whole body, only showing her arms and feet. She has a shield (goatskin cloak) on her chest and Medusa’s face in the middle. She wears a Corinthian high helmet on her head, decorated with owls and lions.

street bronze Athena detail statue
bronze athena sculpture
bronze athena sculpture
marble outdoor athena statue

The sculptures of Athena have different styles and designs, but each one has its own characteristics, some show beautiful faces, some show the characteristics of characters, and some are carved with a masculine atmosphere. Different materials will also give the goddess Athena a different temperament. Aongking Sculpture has professional carving techniques and many years of production experience. We have a multi-faceted understanding of the characteristics of ancient characters, and we have a profound study of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture art. We will have a variety of different designs for you to choose from. If you like any Athena sculpture, you can contact us and we will make a sculpture to your satisfaction.

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