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The beauty of women in neoclassicism

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The beauty of women in neoclassicism

The so-called classicism is named after the literature and art of ancient Greece and Rome as models. Sculpture art is the most direct form that can show three-dimensional beauty. During the period when Greco-Roman art prevailed, batch after batch of sculpture art styles emerged. The creation of neoclassical art images advocates the ideal beauty of ancient Greece; pays attention to the complete and sculpture-like modeling of classical art forms, and pursues elegance, dignity, and harmony. The beauty of the female human body is fully demonstrated in sculpture art. The Italian sculptor Antonio Canova-arguably a representative of neoclassical sculpture artists is famous for his exquisite nude marble sculptures. Let us feel the charm of sculpture art with our heart. . .

The Graces

1. The Grace marble sculpture by Antonio Canova

In Greek mythology, the three goddesses are the goddesses of fertility, the gods of youth, beauty, and happiness, and the graceful incarnation of women. The three of them hugged each other intimately, whispered to each other, and narrated their wishes to each other. Their eyes, nose, and lips were very expressive. Their embrace is emphasized by a piece of gauze, which rests on the arm of the figure on the right and gently drapes over the other two characters. The plump skin, relaxed movements, beautiful curvy shapes, and poetic connotations make the whole image gorgeous, rich, and full of lyrical mood. There are also hairstyle details in the sculpture, giving a soft look through wavy and curly hair. The flowers seen on the column on the left can be traced back to the natural worship associated with the three goddesses of Meihui: It is said that flowers grew where the feet of the three girls rested.

The Graces detail
Life size marble lions statue
Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss marble

2. Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss marble sculpture

Speaking of beautiful love, this sculpture may look the best. This statue is based on Greek mythology. The beauty Psyche was abused and tortured by Aphrodite, who was jealous of her, and was ordered to go to hell to get her “sleep”. When she opened the box containing “sleep” curiously, Psyche was confused and fell asleep deeply. Eros (Cupid in Roman mythology) finally found the sleepy Psyche, brushed “sleep” from her face, and picked her up with both hands. After awakening, Psyche stretched out his jade arm to accept this happy meeting. This sculpture is not only extremely smooth on the surface, but also has a strong sense of form and is full of romantic colors: Eros’s pair of wings stretched upwards and Psyche lying on his back correspond to each other, plus Eros’s right leg stretched out. , Formed a stable X shape in the composition; Eros leaned over to kiss Psyche, and Psyche stretched out his arms to receive this sincere caress. The arms of the two arms made the shape of the inner circle abducted to each other. The cross, the feminine posture, and the radial movement strengthened the lightness of the sculpture; the clothing underneath Psyche was carved so soft that it made people almost forget that it was a marble work.

3. Venus Victrix marble sculpture by Antonio Canova

Canova carved a couch for Napoleon’s sister, Mrs. Polina Borghese who married into the Italian court. In this work, Canova perfectly used neoclassical art techniques and gave full play to his artistic talents, carving this beautiful lady into the beautiful goddess Venus. In the work, the lady is lying on a couch in ancient Rome. The kapok mattress with strong texture is carefully and naturally portrayed. The almost nude lady is like a well-proportioned beauty, Venus. The finely carved marble vividly expresses the smoothness and tenderness of the owner’s skin, the craftsmanship, and the beauty. Napoleon told Canova that he prefers the statue in clothes. Canova dared not refute but said tactfully: that God himself would not create a beautiful statue in modern clothes.

Polina Borghese
Venus Victrix marble sculpture
Venus Victrix
Mother of Napoleon sculpture Antonio Canova

4. Mother of Napoleon marble sculpture

This statue is extremely realistic. The character’s eyebrows, hair, and skin are refreshing with the texture of marble. The whole statue seems to have human emotions. The brows smile and the face is easy, dynamic, and serene, and the clothes are well-fitted, and they are ingeniously coordinated. Finally, Napoleon’s mother gave it as a gift to her son.

Canova advocates neoclassicism and vigorously respects classical sculptures. He advocated that ideal beauty should be created, not discovered. , Its sculpture style is rigorous, graceful, and idealistic. Each of his female sculptures endows joy and tranquility with feminine beauty, continuing the character classics. In addition, there are Repentant Mary Magdalene, Bust of the Virgin of Vesta, and Theseus kills the Minotaur…..

Repentant Mary Magdalene sculpture detail
Repentant Mary Magdalene sculpture

The material of marble is gentle and pure, and women are beautiful and soft. The combination of the two forms an amazing female human sculpture. People’s nostalgia for classical cultural relics promotes the prevalence of neoclassical sculpture. We at Aongking Sculpture have been focusing on carving techniques for many years, and we have studied baroque art, rococo art, classicism, and other sculptural styles. Each style always has excellent and charming sculptures, and we are committed to showing the best side of sculptures to everyone. Marble sculptures are indeed elegant and charming. Whether it is the display of mythological characters, memorial sculptures of realistic characters, feminine body sculptures, or great love sculptures, you can experience it most directly with us. The beauty of women in neoclassicism is splendid in the form of sculpture. It is like a brush, leaving a strong and colorful stroke in the sculpture art; in the aongking sculpture company, the soul of every figure bursts out of the sculpture. . .

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