Four Seasons Goddess

There is a touching story about the origin of the Western Goddess of Four Seasons. According to legend, in the 6th to 5th centuries BC, Demeter, who was named the god of agriculture, rose to one of the twelve gods. After Hades snatched her daughter. She was so painful that she found no girl for nine days and nine nights. On the tenth day, she learned that Zeus agreed to Hades’s robbery of her daughter. She rushed to the bottom of Olympus angrily. She had no intention to care about the growth of agriculture. Zeus had to let Hard Sifang returned to his daughter. After the mother and daughter got together, the earth re-flowered and bears fruit, and experienced the changes of the four seasons, which gave birth to the goddess of the four seasons. Therefore, the marble sculpture of the Goddess of the Four Seasons not only symbolizes the changes of the seasons and the harvest of mankind, but also a symbol of love and strength, a spirit of perseverance. The Goddess of Four Seasons is a very sacred sculpture and also a special sculpture. There are different meanings.

The Masque of the Four Seasons by Walter Crane

Among the goddesses of the seasons; Thallo, the goddess of spring and blooming flowers, Auxo, the goddess of summer and plant growth, and Carpo, the goddess of autumn and harvest. Khione is the Greek goddess of snow, daughter of Boreas, god of the North Wind and Winter, and sister of Zethes and Calais. She is depicted as a goddess in the series, although in some myths she is visualized as a snow nymph.
From the sculpture, we can see the characteristics of each goddess. The goddess of spring holds a bunch of flowers in her hand. She is in charge of sprout and blossom in spring. The Summer Goddess holds the ear of wheat in her hand, and she governs the growth of plants. The Goddess of Autumn holds many fruits in her hands. She is in charge of the harvest of the fruits of plants. And the Winter Goddess holds a pot, which represents winter storage.

four seasons statues

The marble sculptures of Western goddesses are generally half-naked or completely naked, with half-naked clothes, which not only show the beauty of the flesh but also cover and restrain themselves. It draws people’s attention to the inner charm of the characters, not just the outer flesh, which is indeed a superb artistic technique. The image of Western characters is shaped according to the aesthetics of human nude proportions. Although ancient people worshiped gods, because marble sculptors created beautiful images based on the beauty of the human body in real life, the proportions of each part of these perfect statues almost contained the golden ratio.

Regarding the Four Seasons Goddess sculpture, because of its different meanings and style characteristics, it has many styles. This Four Seasons Goddess sculpture has wings. The big wings behind them stretch out in the air, giving the goddess unique beauty. Each goddess has a different hairstyle, and the beige of their dresses has a more elegant temperament. To carve the dress so thin with marble requires a high level of skill. Their graceful postures, with exposed shoulders and some with exposed calves, reflect their well-proportioned figures and white and smooth skin. Our factory selects the most suitable material for sculpting characters to sculpt characters. This kind of marble has a white as snow appearance, which is very in line with the spirit of the goddess of the seasons. The carved goddesses of the seasons have excellent shape and light transmission. At the same time, it shows its own white and pure temperament.

four seasons statues
four seasons statues

The sculpture of the goddess of the four seasons indicates that there will be various challenges during the year. The most beautiful season of the four seasons is autumn. Spring is the beginning of the year. It indicates that something beautiful will happen. In autumn, leaves fall and leaves return to their roots. It is feeling the changes in different seasons, but it is experiencing the things that people experience, showing its simple side. The Four Seasons Goddess Sculpture is the most meaningful one among Western figure sculptures. It is not only built to beautify the environment but the story behind the sculpture and the feeling it brings to people are also extremely important.