TMarble Hellenistic statues are sculptures made of marble created during the Hellenistic period of ancient Greece, spanning from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC to the founding of the Roman Empire in 31 BC. Marked by a flourishing of art, literature, and philosophy, this period is considered one of the most innovative and influential in the history of Greek art. Marble Hellenistic statues are characterized by an emphasis on realism, dramatic movement, and emotional expression. They often depicted mythological figures, gods and goddesses, heroes, and ordinary people, and were often commissioned to celebrate military victories, commemorate gods and rulers, or adorn public places. Our Aongking company has an understanding of the historical art world and research on different types of sculptures, so we can choose the most suitable artwork for you. Those brilliant creations left in the long river appear from us. Collectively, marble Hellenistic statues represent the pinnacle of ancient Greek artistic achievement and continue to inspire and captivate audiences today.

statues in museum

Museum marble hellenistic statues

What are the classifications of Aongking marble hellenistic statues?

Mythological characters:

Many marble hellenistic statues depict characters from Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Apollo, Athena, and Dionysus. These sculptures often show gods and goddesses in dramatic and expressive poses, accentuating their power and majesty.

marble greek tours statue

Marble greek tours statue

Portraits marble bust

Portraits marble bust


marble Hellenistic statues also include portraits of many historical figures, including rulers, statesmen, and philosophers. These statues often feature realistic and highly detailed depictions of their subjects, capturing their individual features and expressions.

Memorial statues:

Marble Hellenistic statues were often commissioned to commemorate important events, such as military victories or religious festivals. These sculptures often feature scenes from events or people associated with them.

The Fate of a Banished Man marble statue

The Fate of a Banished Man marble statue

athlete marble statues

Athlete marble statues

Athletic Figures:

The Hellenistic period was also known for its emphasis on athleticism and physical strength, with many marble statues depicting athletes and warriors in action. These marble Hellenistic statues often display the human form in highly dynamic poses, emphasizing the beauty and strength of the body.

Domestic scenes:

Some marble Hellenistic statues also depict everyday life and domestic scenes, such as mothers and children, or elderly couples. These sculptures offer glimpses into the daily life of the ancient Greeks and are often highly emotionally expressive.

Collectively, marble hellenistic statues offer a wide range of subjects and styles, demonstrating the incredible skill and artistry of ancient Greek sculptors.

Child with duck marble statue

Child with duck marble statue

Where can marble Hellenistic statues be placed?

Hellenistic marble statues can be placed in a variety of settings, depending on their size, theme, and purpose. If you don’t know what kind of marble to order or don’t know, each product of our Aongking has a detailed description of it, and there are some scene-based pictures, so you can experience this Hellenistic marble personally. Where marble fits best. Aongking’s Hellenistic marble statue can fit many positions:

Public places:

In ancient Greece, marble hellenistic statues were often placed in public places such as city squares or temples to honor gods and rulers, commemorate important events, or celebrate the achievements of athletes and warriors. Today, modern cities may also choose to display such statues in public places as decorative elements or landmarks.


Many marble Hellenistic statues are housed in museums around the world where they can be admired and studied by art lovers, historians and scholars.

Private Collections:

Some wealthy individuals and institutions collect marble Hellenistic statues as a form of art investment and may display them in private homes, galleries, or other private spaces.

Outdoor gardens and parks:

Some marble Hellenistic statues, especially those depicting natural scenery or moving figures, can be placed in outdoor gardens or parks for visitors to enjoy and help create the overall ambiance of the space.

marble bust collection

marble bust collection

Why did I choose custom marble Hellenistic statues?

Custom marble Hellenistic statues make a lot of sense. It allows artists to create unique and individual pieces that can be tailored to the needs and preferences of a particular client or customer. This makes the statues more valuable and popular as they are not mass-produced and are unique. Custom marble Hellenistic statues allow artists to showcase their skills and creativity. By creating bespoke pieces, artists can demonstrate their ability to capture the nuances of the human form, convey emotion and expression, and create a sense of movement and vitality. For example, many of these statues depict the gods, goddesses, and heroes of Greek mythology, and were often commissioned by wealthy patrons who wanted to demonstrate their devotion to these gods. By customizing these marble Hellenistic statues, artists were able to create works that were more meaningful and personal to their clients, while also reinforcing the cultural and religious ideals of the time.