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Solid Marble Water Fountain Sculpture

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Solid Marble Water Fountain Sculpture

Marble Water Fountain, also known as a garden fountain, originated from European garden architecture. It is an indispensable landscape in modern gardens, and its practicality is extremely high. The Marble Water Fountain plays a role in the four seasons of the garden. It plays a role as a living water source in the entire garden. It can also serve as a summer escape from the summer heat and regulate the feng shui effect of the garden.
With the evolution of artistic styles in different periods, stone fountains are also constantly developing. It has many different styles. It has character sculpture fountains, animal sculpture fountains, and other sculpture fountains. The one we introduce today is a combination of characters and animals, Western and Chinese styles.

The whole scene fountain for decor

The top detail of marble fountain

This solid marble water fountain measures 15’ x 12’, with a marble top that resembles a blooming flower on the top, and the edges of the buds are beautifully curved. Below the top of the flower are two young children holding a flower stem. The child is full of Western characteristics, naked, fleshy, and curly hair. They are holding each other’s arms, and the big flower supporting their bodies is blooming Roses. The middle part is like a huge platform cistern, with three layers of patterns from top to bottom, the patterns are exquisitely carved, and the texture is clear. The water outlet above is a three-dimensional sculpture of several lion heads, which is the source of living water. The conditioning and decoration of living water is an indispensable function of garden landscaping. It embellishes the auspicious animals to spit water and make a gesture of offering auspiciousness. Water is the root of all things, and living water is the indispensable root of a garden.

fountain of the top
fountain of the bottom
fountain for decor

Marble fountain woman statue

The lower part of the fountain is a few sculptures of women. In Western art, such as the famous ancient Greek sculptures, most of them are also works of female subjects. Craftsmen and artists use marble and other stones to sculpt the plump and handsome or graceful and delicate female figure, which has become the most beautiful subjective expression and artistic image that people appreciate and worship. The female body concentrates and perfectly embodies the aesthetic elements possessed by human beings. For example, there are rhythmic body curves, clean and delicate skin, dignified and beautiful appearance, as well as rich and varied expressions, graceful and varied movements, elegant and calm demeanor, gentle and quiet temperament, etc., these women’s bodies Wearing a beautiful, flowing dress and a beautiful headscarf. Some of them hold the jars, and some put them around their waists. Their postures are graceful and elegant, and their exposed body skin and legs are well-proportioned, smooth, and white. The circle under their feet is also dotted with beautiful flower bones. These sculptures of women became the main part of the fountain.

The production process of marble fountain

The outer circle of the marble fountain is beautifully decorated with six trumpet flowers, which also have beautiful patterns. Our factory masters are very professional and have many years of carving experience. They will carve every detail of flowers, figures, and overall proportions. Exquisite. As for the production process of this marble fountain sculpture: First of all, we will determine the size and style of the sculpture with the client We’ll pick the right material for the marble cut Then we will have professional carving masters to do the fine carving It is then polished and polished. And then end up with this sculpture. We will take pictures at every step in time and confirm communication with customers to complete the best and most satisfying artwork.

production process

The Marble Water Fountain can be placed in the garden of your own villa, in the yard, or in an outdoor park as a public decorative sculpture. The existence of a garden stone fountain can improve the growth of plants and achieve visual beauty. In the spring when everything is restored It has a thriving, refreshing, refreshing, energetic, and vigorous spirit. In the hot summer, there is living water in the park, which sprays down and forms a little mist to improve the climate of the park and give people. Reduce the impetuousness of the tropical heat, reduce the high temperature on the ground, etc. In the hearty deciduous autumn, there is a fountain of living water flowing in the garden, one living, and one resting, will not lose vigor and vitality and moisten the root of life. In its winter, everything is asleep, everything is sealed, its fountain flows, without losing its vitality, and full of vigor.
We have many designs of garden fountains, each of which is exquisite and attentive, with a unique style of art. Choose from Aongking Sculpture, and there is always the one you like.

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