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Do You Know Stone Carving?

When you see the lifelike stone sculpture, are you also shocked by his superb skill? Stone carving refers to the art of using a variety of carved stones to create a visual and tactile artistic image with a certain space, so as to reflect social life and express the aesthetic feelings, and ideals of artists. It is an ancient form of sculpture in which stones are removed in a predetermined way to achieve a specific design. To carve a wide variety of available stones, sculptors turned to basic hand-sculpting chisels, hammers, special tools, and accessories.

Stone Carving Ancient Greek marble Laocoon
Stone Carving aphrodite of Greek gods
Stone Carving aphrodite of Greek gods

The History Of Stone Carving

The history of stone carving began with the origin of human art. It may be said that of all the forms of art that man has ever made, no one is more ancient than stone sculpture, and no one is more popular and enduring than the skilled artisan. Caving faces, heads, bodies, and even mushrooms on a stone, as well as animals, flowers, letters, clothes, and everything tangible, need a professional sculptor with professional skills in carving. Aongking Carving Department is all carved by professional sculptors. When you see Aongking lifelike stone sculptures like real figures, you will believe our professional carver.

There Are Many Types Of Stone Carving Statues

There are many types of stone carving sculptures carved by professional sculptors with many years of experience in Aongking. On this page, you can see many famous figures statues like Laocoon and His Sons, David marble statue, Apollo marble bust, Goddess of Victory marble statue, and other marble sculptures carved by stone. Whether you put them indoors or outdoors, they are perfect decorations. Choose a favorite one according to your home surroundings.

Stone Carving Athena Protects the Young Hero
Stone Carving banksy angel statue

An excellent stone sculpture must have a great visual impact. A large stone statue suit for putting outdoors, such as in a park, square, or in front of a company. It will not only attract more people but also make people appreciate the beauty of the stone carving. If you have some ideas, welcome to contact us!

Carving Statue Marble Sculpture The Three Graces Marble
Carving stone Veiled Vestal statue
Carving stone statue Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss
carving stone Athena Austrian Parliament Vienna statue
carving Milo of Croton marble statue

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