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Marble Stone Statues For Sale

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Marble Stone Statues For Sale

marble statues for sale

Are You Looking For A Marble Statue Online

The largest chosen marble sculptures for sale, exclusively available at Aongking. Looking for a marble statue online? Our marble statues are sold all over the world and have received numerous positive reviews. Carve from high-quality marble into huge statues or incredibly detailed figurines. If you are a marble collector, our sculptures are well worth collecting.

If you know something about marble sculptures, you will know throughout the history of art, marble sculpture has been explored by all artistic movements, and for good reason. Its translucent, bright, and delicate texture makes it the perfect choice to represent human skin. It is soft, easy to work and polish, but requires a strong base to support it.

women statues water-fountain statues
Nike life size statue
outdoor furniture
Sphinx women marble statue

Our Marble Statues Are All Hand Carved

Our marble statues are all hand-carved. To create a marble sculpture, our sculptors can model it from clay or wax or carve it directly from the stone. First, the sculptor shaped the stone with a chisel and mallet, cutting out the unwanted parts of the stone. In addition, The sculptor placed the chisel on the stone and struck it precisely with the mallet while turning it. what’s more, the sculptor uses a chisel or claw to create the desired texture, using a file to remove the excess stone. Riffler is then used to add details such as wrinkles to the sculpture. At last, the sculptor uses sandpaper or emery cloth to polish the final sculpture.

We have many types of marble sculptures for sale, such as life-size marble statues, marble figure sculptures, marble animal sculptures, marble Buddha sculptures… Whatever you want to put it indoors or outdoor, it will be a great decoration, whatever you want a large one or a small one, you can all find marble sculptures that meet your needs in Aongking, we can help you deliver it to your door. If you are interested more, welcome to contact us!

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
Saint Longinus marble statue
Versailles gardens Paris statue
Perseus with the Head of the Gorgon Medusa
Stone girl column sculpture

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