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Yellow Travertine Stone Lion Sculpture

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Yellow Travertine Stone Lion Sculpture

Yellow Travertine Stone Lion Sculpture

Marble Stone Guardian Lions art

Stone lions are common in Chinese traditional culture to ward off bad luck items, with a stone sculpture for raw materials into the image of the lion. It has artistic value and ornamental value. The earliest stone lion sculpture is in the Gaoyi tomb in the eastern Han dynasty. Stone lion sculptures are often used in traditional Chinese architecture, a kind of decoration in China palace gardens, tombs, temple pagodas, bridges, and mansions will often see it. But more often. The stone lion is specifically referred to on the left and right sides of the gate of a pair of lions.

Life size marble lions statue

Life-size marble lions statue

marble stonze Lion statues stone

Marble stone Lion statues stone

Outdoor lion statues marble

Outdoor lion statues marble

The meaning of marble lions as decorations

Chinese people have always regarded marble stone lions as an auspicious thing in the world. In many garden sites in China, all sorts of types of stone lions are everywhere, the front door of ancient giants temple and rich family house is all put a pair of marble stone lions to protect the family. For example marble fu dog. Up to now, in front of many buildings is still laid this kind of marble stone lion has been.

Garden Marble Stone Statues – lion statue

There are no fixed ways to put marble stone lions at the gate, but in the actual operation, the process should pay attention. Whether from the aesthetic point of view or from the geomantic point of view. It will bring better fortune and give priority to people if put these things correctly. It also can bring better decoration for the surrounding environment. When placing, planning and design should be done first, and then placement, especially for large marble stone lions, which are difficult to carry. So it is necessary to determine the way and position of placing which will have a better effect.

FO DOG marble stone

FO DOG marble stone

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Marble lion statues

Large size Marble lion Stone sculptures

Black stone lions statues

Carving Black stone lions statues

Evening red stone lions statues

Evening red stone lions statues for sale

Sculpture stone lion

Stone Sculpture lion for sale

Western popular marble lion and Italian woman pool water fountain

Large size Marble lion Stone sculptures

More Marble Stone Sculpture’s Show

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