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Thinking angel marble statue

Outdoor decoration placed at the top of a door thinking angel marble statue

Who can refuse a beautiful thinking angel marble statue? This thinking angel marble statue can be placed on the porch of some art galleries or used as decorations in cemeteries. Each thinking angel marble statue has its own responsibilities and meanings. She was wearing a long dress, sitting on a stone, with her face on her left hand, smiling and looking up at the sky. The large wings on the back are very detailed in beige marble. As an ornament, the thinking angel marble statue is pleasing enough, and as a guardian, she also shows her responsibilities. Any customized thinking angel marble statue, we will carve it carefully.

NO.: AK-stone(qsx94)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Classification and symbolism of thinking angel marble statue in European cemeteries:

European thinking angel marble statues are also divided into many types according to their grades, including noble cemeteries, civilian cemeteries, royal cemeteries, etc. However, the scale of European cemeteries is not as large as that of Chinese cemeteries. In China, we often see news reports: another ancient tomb was discovered somewhere. From the perspective of the specifications of the ancient tomb, how prominent the tomb owner was before his life, etc. In European cemeteries, the thinking angel marble statue specifications are basically the same. There is no distinction between nobles and commoners. The only difference may be that the personal lives recorded on the thinking angel marble statue are different, while Chinese tombstones are mostly symbols of honor during his lifetime.

Marble angel Statue (1)

Marble angel Statue (2)

Marble angel Statue (2)

The sculpture art of memorial thinking angel marble statue:

On the other hand, thinking angel marble statue should be carried out according to factors such as material, color, texture, shape, and size, but the most important thing is based on the characteristics and experience of the deceased. The top of western tombstones is generally designed as a plane or curved surface. The surface of the memorial thinking angel marble statue is also very simple, but the workmanship is exquisite, the design is novel, and it is out of the ordinary. It can be seen from the carving art that each tombstone is like a work of art. The thinking angel marble statue headstone is carved according to the design of the person. Some are round sculptures, and some are relief marble sculptures: round sculptures are mainly figures because they round sculptures are rich in three-dimensionality. , The withdrawal is realistic, vivid, and legendary. Because the stone has colors and textures that cannot be given by humans, the works are more vivid and lifelike through fine carving, with strong artistic effects and profound humanistic connotations, thus highlighting the designer’s pursuit of culture and art and the profound humanistic history understand. The sculpture art of thinking angel marble statue headstone to express the memory of the deceased and the historical evaluation of the deceased.

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granite angel statues (2)

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angel memorials (2)

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