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marble Michelangelo

Famous church decoration Pieta marble Michelangelo

In the religious sculpture world, Pieta marble Michelangelo sculpture can be said to be a very famous sculpture. It shows the scene of Jesus dying in the arms of the Virgin Mary. The overall character coordination is very high. The Virgin sat quietly wearing a cloak. The face is calm but it implies sadness. The dead body of Jesus was placed on the lap of the Virgin, Pieta marble Michelangelo carved out the powerlessness of Jesus very well. The head hangs too. We have already felt sadness and silence from Pieta marble Michelangelo. Many of the ideas it conveys depend on people to appreciate them.

NO.: AK-stone(CC 59)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Appreciation of Pieta marble Michelangelo’s image:

The image of the Virgin in Pieta marble Michelangelo is elegant and quiet, silently looking down at the dead Christ lying on her knees. She is young and beautiful, without giving people too much sadness and pain. In the statue, the dead Christ has A scar, without any painful expression on her face, lying between the knees of the Virgin Mary, her right hand drooping, her head tilted back, her body as long as a gymnast, her waist bent, showing the weakness and weakness of death; Pieta Marble Michelangelo is young and beautiful, with a gentle image, dressed in a large cloak and robe, supporting the body of Christ with his right hand, and stretching his left hand slightly backward. Pieta marble Michelangelo expresses helpless pain; head down looking down on his son’s body, She fell into deep sorrow; the dense pleats covered her thick shoulders, but the mask brought out a beautiful face.

marble michelangelo (2)

marble michelangelo (2)

The emotional sublimation of Pieta marble Michelangelo:

Pieta marble Michelangelo’s Virgin with a long scarf sits, and the naked and scarred Christ lies peacefully on her lap. Michelangelo believes that as a Virgin, seeing her son do what she should do and finish her journey, although her heart is very sad, she should not cry with her breasts, but bury her grief in In my heart. As a result, he made the Pieta marble Michelangelo very calm, and his low eyes made people feel how cruelly the pain of bereavement was torturing a mother. The left hand stretched out slightly to the back showed the unspeakable suffering of Maria’s arrow through her heart. The expression of Our Lady of Pieta marble Michelangelo is silent and complex. It not only pours out silent sorrow, nor is it just the sorrowful prayer of Our Lady. It has greatly exceeded the content of the Christian faith. This is a kind of overflowing with the greatest and greatest of mankind. Noble feelings of maternal love.

Marble statues of Pieta

Marble statues of Pieta

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Marble pieta statue

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