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Marble sculpture for sale

Religious famous saint Matthew Marble sculpture for sale

Saint Matthew His image is usually of an old man with a long beard .His symbolic sign is often surrounded by an angel with wings and has a book in his hand. Bronze sculptures are more of his delicacy. Marble sculpture with flowing bodices, the money bag under his foot indicates that before he followed Jesus, he was the chief tax collector of the Jewish province in the Roman Empire. Fiberglass st Matthew sculpture are more vivid and close to real people. He is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. According to Christian tradition, he was also one of the four Evangelists and thus is also known as Matthew the Evangelist.

NO.: AKM-(C26)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Marble is a kind of stones that have beautiful texture, the marble sculpture also has it’s unique beauty. This marble sculpture describe that a old wise man is earnestly reading a book. This sculpture include every detail of the man’s cloth, posture and expression. This sculpture has high value of art and history, it show the attitude of wisdom and strictness. It can be the best decoration to your house and make your home more artistic.

Custom religious saint church Marble sculpture for sale:

“Jesus walked forward from there, and saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax gate, and said to him, “You follow me. He got up and followed Jesus.” In fact, when people walked into the Catholic church, they immediately You will be attracted by the beautiful and solemn cross of Jesus, Marble sculpture for sale of the Virgin and Saints in the church, as well as other sculptures, drawings and colored windows related to biblical stories, and other religious decorations. The faithful respect the icon by no means respect or worship idols, but only through the mark of the visible icon, admiring the invisible God, and commemorating his salvation project. At the same time, offering Marble sculpture for sale can remind and inspire people’s piety and enthusiasm. Therefore, the church will strictly control the quality of the icon, and the crude Marble sculpture for sale must never enter the church.

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Marble sculpture for sale (2)

Experience of Saint Matthew Marble sculpture for sale:

Christianity is actually a religion of the poor. In our opinion, tax officials should not be forgiven because they are all sinful and often exploit many people. But this Christian doctrine is to save the guilty, so these twelve disciples are In Jesus‘ eyes, the person who needs to be saved first, so this Jesus Marble sculpture for sale pointed at Saint Matthew and told him that you come with me, and Saint Matthew stood up and followed Jesus. Like other evangelists, Matthew Marble sculpture for sale is often depicted as one of the four living creatures in Christian art. The person who accompanies him is in the form of a winged man. The three paintings of Matthew created by Caravaggio in the church of Saint-Louis de Francis in Rome are one of the landmarks of Western art. Marble sculpture for sale is here called by Christ as his taxation expert.

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Marble sculpture for sale (3)

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Marble sculpture for sale (4)

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