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St Anthony statue

St Anthony statue with baby religious garden decoration

This is St Anthony statue with the baby in his arms. He is respected by many people. Saint Anthony was an Egyptian Christian during the Roman Empire. He is the forerunner of the Christian hermit life. As the entity of the three-dimensional space, the body sculpture of the saint gives people a feeling from its body. The beauty of form is the soul of the beauty of sculpture form. To learn more about St Anthony statues of famous people, please visit Aongking, we can also customize the St Anthony statue what you want…

NO.: AKM-(M01)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Responsibilities of St Anthony statue in religion:

St Anthony statue is also known as St. Anthony’s miracle worker, and as a result, Catholics often turn to him for help-perhaps more often to him instead of any other saint, except for the Virgin Mary. St Anthony statue, known as the patron saint of lost items, is also used for many other needs. In this novena or nine-day prayer, we not only ask for the intercession of Saint Anthony but also promise to live more Christian lives. Saint Anthony received the apparition of a child of Christ. He lay in the arms of the saint, kissed him, and told Saint Anthony that he loved him because of his preaching. (St. Anthony is known for his zeal to preach true faith against pagans). In this St Anthony statue prayer, we realize that what we need most is grace God’s life in our souls to save us from sin.

St Anthony statue

St Anthony statue

St Anthony statue2

St Anthony statue

Salute of St Anthony statue:

On the St Anthony statue, he is often depicted holding the baby Jesus in his hands. The scriptures are like this: He was a guest somewhere, and someone saw from the window Anthony holding the baby Jesus in both hands, with a vigorous look and an angelic appearance. There is a book on the earlier St Anthony statue, which shows that he is proficient in the Bible. Saint Anthony was very caring for the poor, so later generations regarded him as the guardian of the poor. People who have lost their belongings often ask Saint Anthony to pray for the gift of finding the lost property. This salute is roughly related to the following anecdote: A chant book used by St. Anthonypin’s daily use was taken away by a novice monk. The saint could not find it, so he asked the Lord. The monk saw a monster on the road and frightened him. Have to run back and return the chant book to the saint. Saint Anthony loves the Virgin very much. The motto given to us by St Anthony statue is: “Mary’s holy name is sweeter than honey in the mouth, more beautiful than concertos in the ear, and more precious than happiness in the heart.”

Saint Antoine sculpture with baby jesus

Saint Antoine sculpture with baby jesus2

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