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Archangel Gabriel statue

Outdoor custom angel sculpture art take small marble Archangel Gabriel statue

In the hands of every stone carving artist, the same famous figure can be carved into different shapes and features. There is always a style and style that you like. Our Archangel Gabriel statue is a very classic shape, but it also has the vitality of young people. This Archangel Gabriel statue is carved in the shape of a young man, with long curly hair falling over his shoulders and wearing a robe. His wings are carried behind his back and each feather is very finely carved. The big wings guard the whole person and surround the whole angel. He clutched a trumpet to his chest in his left hand. The right-hand holds a bunch of flowers, which hang down beside the thigh, and the whole figure is very young and deep, and solemn. I hope those who like this angel can feel the meaning of this Archangel Gabriel statue. This marble is a sculpture that can be placed in your garden and become your belief. It also gives you a protective effect. We have more Archangel Gabriel Statues for you to customize and choose from.

NO.: AK-stone(CC840)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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As an Archangel Gabriel statue, Archangel Gabriel Statue occupies an important guardian position in heaven, serving as the guard over the whole celestial realm, and messenger is one of its functions. Archangel Gabriel’s statue is said to have sounded the horn of Judgment Day. He is supposed to symbolize “wisdom”. Speaking of angels, most people will generally think objectively of human appearance and a pair of beautiful dazzling wings. But there is another way of saying it — according to the Bible, we know that there are two highest classes of angels. Jibril, who is more valued in Islam than Gabriel in Christianity, is famous for conveying God’s word to the Prophet Muhammad. Archangel Gabriel statue is God’s favorite angel who is responsible for destroying all filth on earth. She is the most popular of the four angels and is the symbol of truth. He is said to have created the Holy Spirit who spoke to Muhammad, the Archangel Gabriel statue which is quite different from the Holy Spirit revered as the most God-like spirit in Christianity.

statue of st michael the archangel

statue of st michael the archangel

church decor marble st archangel

church decor marble St archangel

Archangel Gabriel statue represents the holy and good, the bearer of the will of God Allah, the serving spirit of God, and the protector God sent by God to protect believers from evil. They are the spirits that serve God, Allah. They were sent to earth by God Allah to help those in need of salvation and to convey the will of God Allah. Archangel Gabriel statue is the representative of God Allah on earth. Angels are sometimes humanoid in appearance, with glowing bodies, halos on their heads, and some have wings. In the image of the Archangel Gabriel statue, most angels are children, representing purity and kindness. Stone angels, in other words, are the embodiment of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Therefore, after coming into our country, the images of angels are mostly small innocent children with wings. Usually, Archangel Gabriel statue is commonly used as a garden sculpture.

michael the archangel statue (4)

michael the archangel statue (4)

michael the archangel statue (1)

Michael the Archangel statue (1)

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