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unique athena statues

Outdoor figure goddess marble unique Athena statues for sale

The fine carving of each part can create a very beautiful work of art, and these unique Athena statues are the embodiment of the details. These unique Athena statues are the goddess of war in Greek mythology. On a large square stone platform, Athena stands high, wearing a skirt in casual clothes. Each layer of the long skirt is very detailed. Unique Athena The statues wear a helmet on their head, and their left hand supports their shield on the ground. The shield is engraved with many patterns and the head of the snake demon Medusa. This is an element of many warrior armors.

NO.: AK-stone(LY181 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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As the patron saint of Athens, the image of unique Athena statues is often represented as a god of war ready to fight. The unique Athena statues wear tall Attic helmets on their heads, with a Sphinx sitting in the middle of the helmets, flanked by winged horses. Here the Attic helmet is a metaphor for Athena, the patron saint of Athens. Once, the god of the sea Poseidon, and the unique Athena statues both wanted to be the patron saints of the Attica region. The lawsuit went to Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus said that you should PK. Each of you will give a gift to the residents of Attica, and the Attica people will choose. Whoever wins is the patron saint of Attica. Poseidon made a handsome warhorse with his trident; these unique Athena statues made an olive tree grow from the ground with her spear. Tired of war, the Atikans chose the unique Athena statues as their patron saints, as the olive tree symbolizes peace.

stone greek unique athena statues

stone greek unique athena statues

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