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Myron of Eleutherae marble discus thrower sculpture

Famous The marble discus thrower sculpture sport by Myron

NO.: AK-stone(Y91)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc
  • Iconic Athletic Pose: The marble Discobolus sculpture captures a dynamic and iconic moment of a discus thrower in action, showcasing the athleticism and strength of the athlete.

  • Ancient Greek Artistry: Attributed to the sculptor Myron, the Discobolus represents a masterpiece of ancient Greek art, reflecting the skill and aesthetic values of that era.

  • Timeless Elegance in Marble: Crafted from marble, the sculpture not only embodies the grace of athletic prowess but also adds a timeless and elegant quality, symbolizing the enduring appeal of classical art.

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The Marble discus thrower sculpture by the Greek sculptor Myron. The discus thrower is based on a real-life sporting event in Greece and depicts a strong man performing an expressive moment during the throw of the discus. The Marble discus thrower sculpture selected by the sculptor returns to the highest point and is about to be thrown out at the moment, which has a strong attraction of “being irresistibly removed”. To achieve the audience’s psychological access to the “sense of movement” effect. This Marble discus thrower sculpture has natural gestures and graceful muscle lines. The Aongking sculptor carefully sculpts every muscle and detail, presenting the athlete’s wanton posture and strength from the subtleties. The calm faces and steady postures of the athletes remind people of the wonderful moments on the Olympic field as if they can hear the cheers of the audience. The entire Marble discus thrower sculpture is full of tension and vitality, and it is a rare art treasure.

This Marble discus thrower sculpture is very sculptor-like. The sculptor transformed the lines of the discus thrower gesture into smooth and concise curves, highlighting the overall sense of the Marble discus thrower sculpture. The delicate texture of the marble and the shape of the sculpture complement each other, giving people a deep artistic feeling. The temperament and style of the whole sculpture reflect the sculptor’s creative concept and style, making this artwork very unique. This Marble discus thrower sculpture is undoubtedly an exquisite work, which not only allows people to appreciate the beauty of art but also allows people to feel the strength and charm of athletes in Olympic competitions.

Myron of Eleutherae marble discus thrower sculpture

Myron of Eleuthera marble discus thrower sculpture

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thrower sculpture

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