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classical design pieta statue

Michelangelo Religious Art Classical Pieta Marble Statue

The classical design pieta statue depicts the grief of the Virgin Mary holding the crucified Christ. Christ lies between the Virgin’s knees, with bruises on his ribs, with his head hanging back, his right arm resting on the Virgin’s knee. The Virgin of classical design pieta statue looks very young, wearing a robe and cloak, with her left hand stretched back and her right hand holding Christ. In the classical design pieta statue, the image of the Virgin is elegant and quiet, silently looking down on the dead Christ lying on her knees.

NO.: AKSM-(87)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Classical design pieta statue she is young and beautiful, without giving people too much sadness and pain. The sculpture reflects more the spirit of humanism than the atmosphere of religion. Obviously, this work has the characteristics of the author’s early carving style. This period is mainly the inheritance of classical style and themes. The classical design pieta statue uses a steady and beautiful realistic technique. The Virgin Mary sits in a turban, with the naked, bruised Christ resting peacefully on her lap. Michelangelo believed that, as the Virgin, seeing her son doing what she should have done and finishing her journey, although she was very sad in her heart, she should not be beating her breasts and crying, but bury her grief in her heart. As a result, the classical design pieta statue is very calm, and the drooping eyes make people feel how cruelly the pain of bereavement is torturing a mother.

Marble statue of pieta

Marble statue of pieta

Marble pieta statue

Marble pieta statue

The left hand of the classical design pieta statue, which is slightly stretched back, expresses Maria’s unspeakable pain like arrows piercing her heart. The expression of the Virgin is silent and complex, not only pouring out silent grief, but also not only the mournful prayer of the Virgin, it has greatly exceeded the content of the Christian faith, it is a kind of mother’s love that is full of the greatest and noblest human beings. Feelings. The fragile and naked body of Christ is in stark contrast to the heaviness of the drapery and the clear face of the Virgin, unified and varied. The production of the classical design pieta statue has strong realism skills. The author did not ignore any detail, and polished the classical design pieta statue meticulously, and even used velvet to rub it until the surface of the stone statue is completely smooth and shiny. All of this gives life to the stone, making the work extraordinarily dazzling. Michelangelo also engraved his name for the first time on the strap of the Virgin’s chest in the classic design pieta statue.

la pieta statue

la pieta statue

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