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getty kouros

Marble Ancient Greek Getty Kouros Statue For Sale

Getty kouros is a standing statue of a naked youth that does not represent any individual youth, but rather the concept of youth. In ancient Greece, this was both an offering to a god in the temple and a monument to a tomb, the standard getty kouros standing with his left foot forward, his arms by his side, and his eyes looking straight ahead. The statue of getty kouros is carved from four sides, retaining the general shape of the marble block. The getty kouros embodies many ideals of the aristocratic culture of ancient Greece. One of the ideals of this period was the arete, a combination of moral and physical beauty and nobility.

NO.: AKSY-(74)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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In ancient Greece, getty kouros meant a young boy, and in most cases specifically of the aristocratic class. As a part of ancient Greek statues, the development of youth statues is inevitably closely linked with the overall development of ancient Greek statues. The statue of getty kouros is beardless, in a rigid forward posture, and is mostly nude. In contrast to Egyptian statues, Greek statues of youth usually stick out their left foot. Indicates a walking gesture, but the statues appear to either stand still or appear to be able to walk away. A small number of early getty kouros figurines wore belts around the waist, but this practice disappeared in the sixth century AD.

Anavysos kouros statue

Anavysos kouros statue

The belt is traditionally considered a symbol, representing more complex clothing, but getty kouros sculptures covering the clothing have also appeared, which means that the sculptors did not just reduce complex clothing to a symbol, but the symbol of the belt itself symbolizes a special meaning. In her 1977 book The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture, art historians suggested that the belt might represent Apollo, an athlete, or some sort of symbol of magical power, but the meaning of the symbol itself has remained obscure until now. In addition, there is a controversial issue of whether the “nude” of the statue of getty kouros represents some kind of symbol or attribute. As mentioned before, nudity can represent the naked state of an athlete or hero: “He appeared in wrestling school and immortalized the youth”, but no examples of Olympia or sports equipment have been found so far.

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