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life size outdoor statues

Garden ornament marble life size outdoor statues

Choose a life size outdoor statues for your empty yard. This set of classic sculptures of the goddesses of the four seasons is very popular, no matter what style of villa or garden, it is very suitable, each goddess holding a flower basket, wheat ear sickle, grapefruit, and firewood. Respectively represent the characteristics of the changes in the four seasons. The life size outdoor statues are carved in white marble. Highlight the beauty of Greek women. Life size outdoor statues can match perfectly with the plants in your garden.

NO.: AK-stone(CC66 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The origin of the meaning of life size outdoor statues:

It is said that after Hades snatched her daughter, she desperately wanted to live, and found no girl for nine days and nine nights. On the tenth day, she saw the sun god Helios and learned that Zeus agreed to Hades’s robbery of her daughter. She rushed angrily. Going down Olympus, she became an old woman and started looking for her daughter. She was no longer interested in the growth of agriculture. Zeus had to let Hades return her daughter. After the mother and daughter got together, the earth re-flowered and bears fruit, experiencing the changes of the four seasons. With the origin of the goddess of the seasons. Therefore, the life size outdoor statues of the goddess of the seasons not only symbolize the changes of the seasons and the receipt of human beings, but also a symbol of love and strength, a spirit of perseverance. The life size outdoor statues of the goddesses of the seasons are among the Western figure sculptures. The most meaningful one. The life size outdoor statues of the goddess of the four seasons have different shapes, full expressions, and elegant postures. When people appreciate them, they can feel the changes of different seasons and realize that life is like the four seasons, experiencing various challenges, and also indicates a kind of conformity. The spirit of the time, not giving up, and going forward courageously.

life size outdoor statues (2)

life size outdoor statues (2)

The popularity of life size outdoor statues:

The life size outdoor statues of the goddess of the seasons are figures in ancient Greek mythology, in charge of the four seasons of mankind. The life size outdoor statues of the goddess of the four seasons are also common types in Western figure sculptures. Four different goddess sculpture images represent the alternation of the four seasons and have a sacred meaning. The life size outdoor statues of the four figures have different shapes and rich meanings. , Common in garden squares, city attractions, and other places. According to legend, there is a touching story about the origin of the Goddess of Four Seasons. According to legend, in the 6th to 5th centuries BC, Demeter, who was named the god of agriculture, finally became a member of the Olympus religion and rose to ten. One of the two main gods and the story about her is closely related to Hades.

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statue marble

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statue marble (2)

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