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jesus sacred heart statue for sale

 Factory customized marble Jesus sacred heart statue fro sale

The Jesus sacred heart statue carved from high-quality marble emits a shiny color in the sun. Every detail of the carving of Jesus’s sacred heart statue is exquisite and lifelike. Jesus stood sacred in his holy robe, pointing his hand at the sacred heart in his chest. The other hand pointed to the sky. The most classic gesture in religion. Jesus’ solemn expression, slightly curly hair, and deep facial features all come from the magical hands of the sculptor. Jesus sacred heart statue will make your private space and faith more sacred. You can buy it from the Aongking shop. We have it in stock.

NO.: AK-stone(CC57 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The religious image of Jesus sacred heart statue:

Jesus Sacred Heart statue is a famous Christian worship in which the heart of Jesus is exposed, covered with a crown, scar, and flame to show Jesus’ love for the world and to atone for his SINS and love one another. This salute is mainly used in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches. The Orthodox Church considers the worship of Jesus Sacred heart statue to be heretical because it has no traditional or biblical basis and is not recognized by the Universal Orthodox Church. The worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a very popular worship activity among parishioners. Now some parishes still maintain the habit of special worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus every Friday. Although originally purely in private or personal worship, from the 12th century to the 13th and 14th centuries gradually prevailing, until Pope Byoo IX in 1856 officially promoted the Festival of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the universal Church, also compiled the celebration of the mass and multi-type special scripture.

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Jesus sacred heart statue for sale(2)

The implementation of the marble Jesus sacred heart statue festival:

The promotion of the Worship of the marble  Jesus Sacred heart statue depends on the enthusiastic promotion of some contemporary saints and women. For example, there are people like St. Anselmo, and St. Ventura, who are very familiar. In the 16th century, many Jesuits promoted the worship of marble Jesus Sacred Heart statues, such as Saint Francis Borgia and Saint Betudor Canisius. The 17th-century Saint Francis care was also an enthusiastic communicator of this salute. On October 20, 1672, a priest named John Oder celebrated the first mass to salute the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In 1675, Jesus appeared several times to sister Magalida, a Visitation nun, instructing her to promote this ceremony and asking the church authorities to establish a special celebration. Jesus Sacred Heart Statue shows Jesus opening his chest, pointing to the crown of thorns, and saying, “See how deep my love for my beloved is, and the world has rewarded me with hurt and pain. Be an apostle of my Sacred Heart, so that the world may bear the benefits of my Sacred Heart… A feast shall be made on the Friday after the eighth day of Corpus Christi to atone for the abuses I have suffered in the sacrament of Corpus Christi.”

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marble religious statues (2)

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