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garden art sculptures for sale

Pure four seasons marble garden art sculptures for sale

Want to see the scenery throughout the year in your garden? These garden art sculptures for sale are very temperamental. garden art sculptures for sale restore the original sacredness and purity. Pure white high-quality marble, suitable for the beauty of the goddess. The goddess of spring admires the flower basket beside him, the goddess of summer is holding a sickle and ears of wheat, the goddess of autumn is carrying fruits such as grapes and apples, and the goddess of winter is lighting a fire for warmth, garden art sculptures for sale, beautiful robes and faces. Amazing people.

NO.: AK-stone(CC65 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The origin of the meaning of garden art sculptures for sale:

It is said that after Hades snatched her daughter, she desperately wanted to live, and found no girl for nine days and nine nights. On the tenth day, she saw the sun god Helios and learned that Zeus agreed to Hades’s robbery of her daughter. She rushed angrily. Going down Olympus, she became an old woman and started looking for her daughter. She was no longer interested in the growth of agriculture. Zeus had to let Hades return her daughter. After the mother and daughter got together, the earth re-flowered and bears fruit, experiencing the changes of the four seasons. With the origin of the goddess of the seasons. Therefore, the garden art sculptures for sale of the goddess of the seasons not only symbolize the changes of the seasons and the harvest of human beings, but also a symbol of love and strength, and a spirit of perseverance. A rich one. The garden art sculptures for sale of the goddess of the four seasons have different shapes, full expressions, and elegant postures. When people appreciate them, they can feel the changes of different seasons and realize that life is like the four seasons, experiencing various challenges, and also foreshadows a kind of conformity to the times., Don’t give up, and go forward courageously.

statue marble (2)

statue marble (2)

Western marble garden art sculptures for sale:

Western culture can be said to be quite different from Chinese culture. In terms of aesthetics, Western culture emphasizes straightforwardness, clarity, and unrestrainedness. Therefore, in the form of expression of characters in the garden art sculptures for sale, Western figure stone sculptures highlight a difference. Kind of giving people a strong sense of impact. Each era has its own unique characteristics, and each country has a different cultural and historical background from other countries. Any country has its own laws of development, and the country’s cultural atmosphere is an important part of the stone carvings that influence its figures. At the same time, stone sculptures of Western figures are also unique in aesthetics, with special emphasis on heroism. Like the Statue of Liberty in the United States, as long as we mention the Statue of Liberty, we can’t help but think of the United States and the War of Independence at that time. Therefore, this kind of culture reflected in the garden art sculptures for sale art will particularly highlight the individual’s heroic temperament and outgoing and unrestrained aesthetic taste. Western figure stone carving art is based on its unique art form. The stone garden art sculptures for sale carved out show the style and style of different eras so that people can understand the background, events, and characteristics of the time through these Western figure stone sculptures. .

life size outdoor statues

life size outdoor statues

life size outdoor statues (2)

life size outdoor statues (2)

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