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Church Decor Justice Goddess Marble Statue For Sale

The justice statue is an allegorical incarnation of moral power in the judicial system. Her figurative symbols are a blindfold, a balance beam and a sword. She is often seen with Prudante holding a mirror and a snake. The justice statue can be placed at the door of a church, garden or judicial institution as a symbol of justice. Many mythological characters also have some kind of symbolism, and their stories are still used in modern times. This status justice statue represents justice.

NO.:  AKSY-(25)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The long dress that justice statue wears is very simple. She holds a scale in her left hand, representing justice, and a long sword in her right hand, representing law enforcement. Marble sculptures of Lady Justice of this status are often placed in government offices or courts to symbolize fairness and justice. The justice statue comes in many popular designs and shapes. Behind the statue of the goddess of justice, there is a succinct ancient Roman legal maxim: “For justice, even if it falls apart.” This is the embodiment of the law known throughout the Western world – lady justice. “justice statue comes from Greek mythology”, the ancient Greek goddess of justice was named Themis, the daughter of heaven and earth. Her name originally meant “earth”, which was extended to “life” and “stability”.

Therefore, in the statue of the gods on Mount Olympia, the justice statue is depicted as a middle-aged mother with a serious expression. It often holds scales, symbolizing the common people’s hopes for ‘life’ and ‘life’, as well as their expectations for the ‘maturity and stability’ and ‘fairness and justice’ of the law. “Dick, the daughter of the goddess, helps her control law and order. Justice, so Yoke often runs around with a sword.” The justice statue holds a scale in one hand and uses it to measure the law; the sword, on the other hand, uses it to uphold the law. If the sword does not carry the scale, it is naked violence, and if the scale does not carry the sword, it is weakness. The two complement each other, and only the swordsmanship of the God of Justice and the skill of lifting scales go hand in hand to form a complete country under the rule of law. ”

marble statue head, Blind Justice

marble statue head, Blind Justice

statue, Urns of Justice

statue, Urns of Justice

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