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Cemetery headstones statues

Cemetery headstones marble statues for sale

Paired with the green grass in the cemetery, a headstones angel sculpture stands in the center, so pure and sacred, with its big wings tucked behind. With curly hair draped behind his shoulders, the headstones angel sculpture holds several large wreaths in both hands. Pray for those who died, the living custom headstones angel sculpture to protect their relatives, and our marble sculptures also add a touch of comfort to your heart.

NO.: AK-stone(dzh602 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The relief that headstones angel sculpture brings to people:·

The headstones of the cemetery are terrible places, and the weird and complicated decorations on the tombstones make the whole tombstone even more creepy. Angel headstones can usually comfort the living. However, when they die, these headstones will be forgotten by people, and they are constantly baptized by time and nature. The image of angels is often used in art, with the purpose of serving God and fighting his enemies. Houses, palaces, parks, temples, small statues of lovely statuettes with wings are decorated with light and the invisible world. The amulet that protects the human body has a powerful energy. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, angels give the owner strength and inspiration.

Cemetery angel stone sculpture

Cemetery angel stone sculpture

The image of the middleman between God and the people has religious significance. In the headstones of the Christian cemetery, statues of angel headstones are erected to commemorate the relatives who have passed away and to tell about sadness and love. To a certain extent, they have a ritual meaning and identify with the dead. Historically, winged creatures are made of marble, which is a very strong noble stone. In most cases, the color of the angel is snow-white, which symbolizes purity, but headstones sculptures with other shadows can also be found.

History of athens's first cemetery

History of athens’s first cemetery

The concept of angel headstones in religion:

The definitions of angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are very similar, or even identical. They are the spirit that serves God (Allah). God (Allah) sends them to the earth to help those in need, convey the will of God (Allah), and are the spokesperson of God (Allah) on earth. Sometimes the appearance of headstones angels is human, with luminous bodies, halo on the top of the head, and some with wings. Although many people claim to have witnessed the appearance of angels, both the Bible and the Quran believe that headstones angels are spirit bodies without entities, and examples of materialization are extremely rare.

Statue angel wings for cemetery

Statue angel wings for cemetery

Christianity believes that headstones angels are “pure bodies” and cannot be attached to any creatures. The only thing that can be attached to is an immaculate sin body (soulless creatures); headstones angels are the incarnations of pure “goodness”, so they will never be tolerated. “Evil” exists, but it is not a friend of mankind. According to the Old Testament “Bible”, angels will punish guilty people harshly and severely in accordance with God’s command.

Laeken Cemetery Brussels angel

Laeken Cemetery Brussels angel

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