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white stone sculpture

 Religious  jesus with a ball white stone sculpture

Many classic sculptures of religious figures can be customized by us. Our white stone sculpture can deeply sculpt character features. This Jesus white stone sculpture is tall and great, standing on a marble hemisphere, wearing a holy robe, and holding it in his hands. Holding a ball, representing the status of a king, on the chest of white stone sculpture is the sacred heart of Jesus, which seems to be beating with vitality, and the marble carving the sacred heart’s light is very dazzling. Yes, you can always believe in our devotion to Jesus and the achievement of the white stone sculpture of Jesus.

NO.: AK-stone(3)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The image of Romanesque religious white stone sculpture:

White stone sculpture is the daughter of architecture, born out of architectural needs, sharing the spirit of architecture, as the same art system, Romanesque white stone sculpture expresses the “world of God” within the established framework of architecture. The romanesque white stone sculpture incorporates the sculptural elements of classical art, the crudeness and naivety of barbaric art, and the decorative features of oriental art in language. It is complicated, but so simple because all of this is dedicated to the passion for Jesus. His love seems to be cheering for Jesus’ final victory. The artists of the Middle Ages boldly changed the realistic tradition of classicism, exaggerating and deforming all kinds of things by means of symbols, allegories, etc., creating sacred and majestic and even terrifying artistic images, helping the manipulators of the Christian world to intimidate people. And control.

white stone sculpture (1)

white stone sculpture (1)

Religious white stone sculpture sacred enlightenment:

The sacredness of the Romanesque white stone sculpture has a dual effect. On the one hand, it can make the believers repent and redeem their sins and alleviate the suffering caused by their original sin. On the other hand, it can give Christians hope and comfort to convince them that Christ will lead them. They enter heaven. Hegel once said when discussing the religious art in the Middle Ages in Europe that this is to take the pain and the awareness and feeling of pain as the real purpose. In the pain, the more he realizes the value of the discarded things and his love for them, the more Watching my abandonment for a long time, I feel more and more the spiritual richness that imposes this kind of test on my body. What the Romanesque white stone sculpture wants to express is to be saved by believing in God himself, and the religious white stone sculpture serves Christianity. Interpretation, enlightenment, or propaganda of doctrine.

white stone sculpture (2)

white stone sculpture (2)

white stone sculpture (3)

white stone sculpture (3)

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