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moses sculpture

The Outdoor Life Size Hand Carved Moses Natural Marble Statue

God said, “Moses was a very humble man, humbler than anyone in the world.” Moses was the national leader of the Israelites, and historians believe he was the founder of Judaism. Moses sculpture is considered the greatest prophet. He was the supreme leader of the Jews. We hope to commemorate this great man with a moses sculpture. Moses Sculpture’s eyes are big and beautiful, staring straight at fixedly, emitting a flame-like light. The hair is very short, like the figure on the Sistine ceiling.

NO.: AKSY-(59)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The Moses sculpture created by Michelangelo depicts Moses in his youth; Botticelli also used Moses’ life as the subject on the wall of the Sistine Chapel, which is a fresh and multi-faceted beautiful teenager; The nineteenth-century French romantic poet Poigny sang about Moses in his twilight years, leaving the crowd in solitude; Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture was a superman between the gods and the earth. The same theme and three different expressions represent three different spirits. Moses sculpture’s attitude is a leader’s demeanor. The head stood majestically, Yiyi had divine eyes, and his right leg was bent as if he was about to stand up. Moses sculpture clenched his teeth as if to swallow something. Many critics scramble to guess what stage of Moses’ career the artist represents, but their debates do us little good.

michelangelo's moses

michelangelo’s moses

moses statue

moses statue

The horn on the head of Moses Sculpture has also become the object of constant debate among learned art historians. In Latin, the horn is in a sense a symbol of “power,” and perhaps that’s why Mie’s take on this trifle made Moses’ attitude more peculiar, eccentric, and brutish. The beard hangs down like a wave, so long that he needs to brush his hands. The arms and hands are like those of an old man; the blood vessels of the Moses sculpture are very prominent; but his hands, long and beautiful, are absolutely different from Donatello’s. The huge knees seem to be out of tune with the rest of the body, knees and legs that run from Egypt to Palestine. They occupy a quarter of the body area. Moses sculpture’s clothes, like in Mie’s other works, are purely imaginary; their existence is not for realism, but to meet the needs of modeling. Thanks to these pleats, the strength of the legs is more pronounced; the volume of the lower part of the statue is also increased, making the foundation of the whole more solid. The general movements of Moses sculpture are very simple: this is the characteristic of the emerald school art of the Italian Renaissance, and it is also the style of Roman sculpture, that is, clarity and simplicity.

Moses statue

Moses statue

Marble Statue Of Moses

Marble Statue Of Moses

aongking marble statues

marble statues

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