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statues made of marble

Apollo and Daphne love statues made of marble

The statues made of marble are based on ancient Greek mythology, showing that Daphne began to become a laurel tree when she was touched by Apollo’s hand. The arms of the two people stretched into a semicircular arc, which was coordinated with the movements of the feet so that their body curves were as graceful as the elegant dancing Daphne running, but the fingertips were turned into branches and leaves. The statues made of marble were beautiful. The body is also about to become the fragrance of osmanthus. The statues made of marble transform the body and branches into such natural, real, beautiful, and elegant.

NO.: AK-stone(CC21 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Action details of statues made of marble:

The statues made of marble represent the moment when Apollo’s hand touched Fanny’s body, both of them were running in the wind, their bodies light and graceful. In the performance of statues made of marble, Daphne’s body is so warm and real, she began to turn into a laurel tree, her flying legs turned into a trunk and planted on the ground, and leaves grew between her fluttering hair and stretched fingers. However, Daphne’s entire body still has a volley-like attitude. She tilted her head, her eyes squinted, her gaze changed from panic to numbness. Apollo in statues made of marble watched Daphne turn into a laurel tree, his expression turned from surprise to sadness, but he could not save it. One of his hands is still on Daphne’s body, and the other hand extends diagonally downward, forming a straight line with Daphne’s arm.

statues made of marble (1)

statues made of marble (1)

Appreciation of Daphne in statues made of marble:

In statues made of marble, the beautiful Daphne has begun to turn into a laurel tree, but it has not been completely transformed. Her toned legs gradually turned into tree trunks, planted in the ground, and leaves grew on her wavy hair and slender fingers. Even the softest breasts on her body are covered with a thin layer of bark. However, Daphne’s beauty is not dimmed because part of the body has become a plant. Her volleying posture, the beautiful S-shape formed by her arms and body, make everyone who appreciates the statues made of marble admire the beauty of the young girl’s youth. Moreover, her head tilted and her horrified gaze can easily make people feel compassionate.

statues made of marble (2)

The artistic tension of statues made of marble:

In contrast, Apollo statues made of marble watched his beloved turn into a laurel tree, but there was no way to save it, and his expression became helpless. He stretched his left hand forward and gently embraced Daphne’s body, while his right hand stretched diagonally downward, still maintaining a chasing posture. More mysteriously, his right hand and Daphne’s right arm formed a straight line, giving the statues made of marble a feeling of turbulence, full of artistic tension.

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aphrodite of Greek gods

aphrodite of Greek gods

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